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Evening Reading - November 26, 2021 (Black Friday)

It's been an eventful Black Friday, so let's settle down with some Evening Reading.


Greetings, Shacknews! If you're reading this, you survived the madness of Black Friday. Congratulations! Reward yourself with a bottle of booze and some Evening Reading.

Seriously, go play video games!

And go check out Shackpets!

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

Hey, a Samurai Gunn 2 update!

We're pretty excited to see what Samurai Gunn 2 ends up becoming. If you want to get a look at it right now, it's actually part of the Steam Autumn Sale! Go read more about the newest update and check it out on Steam Early Access.

Inside the mind of a machine

Fun fact: This can also be seen as the perspective of a Terminator before it kills its targets. You know, because that's where it's all headed.

Scenes from the National Dog Show

Having the replay on in the background proved more entertaining than that Bills/Saints game.

Gotta eat 'em all!

I used butter and syrup! It's Super Effective!

How's your island doing?

Give us your 2.0 experience so far in the comments.

The latest in Halo Infinite

Did someone get the license plate number of that Ghost?

Making grappling look easy.

Real talk, that weapon is hot fire.

RIP Stephen Sondheim

We remember this giant in entertainment with this anecdote from Lin-Manuel Miranda, as well as this classic number from the original West Side Story.

Welcome back, Toast!

Earlier this week, Disguised Toast announced his triumphant return to Twitch!

Let's check in on one of his first streams back.

Telling it like it is!


The biggest wrestling story of the week, by far, was the crazed fan who jumped the rail and attacked Seth Rollins on WWE Monday Night Raw, potentially getting himself years of jail time in the process.

We're pointing this out today, because it's worth spotlighting how much of a professional Seth Rollins is, because he could have easily taken the rest of the night off to process this. Instead, just an hour later, he's right back to being the epic douche that we've come to love booing.

At least his wardrobe looked normal this week... mostly.

Tonight in video game music

Having seen FamilyJUles, ToxicxEternity, and The8BitDrummer perform live a few weeks ago, this Razercon 2021 performance is a treat. Enjoy the heavy metal covers for tracks from Banjo-Kazooie, Mega Man X, Halo, and more.

That's your Evening Reading to send you into this holiday weekend. How do you plan to spend it, readers? Join the conversation and let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment thread below.

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