Weekend Discussion - October 16, 2021

The weekend is here and so is Weekend Discussion!


Cheers to the weekend! I hope you all had a great week and, if not, let's make it a lil' better right now. Let's dive into this edition of Weekend Discussion.

Nintendo decides to make bad choices with Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Price points are steep
Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Price points are steep

Nintendo surprised plenty of us today during the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct stream event by announcing the price points for annual memberships of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack during the show. The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack annual subscriptionwill see a $30 increase and will include Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles and the upcoming Animal Crossing Paid DLC. 

I am not sure who is going to pay for this subscription without Nintendo adding more value and more stability to their online infrastructure. I love N64 and the idea of playing classic N64 titles online with friends sounds awesome but all of my friends would need to have this subscription and Nintendo's online play has not been the best experience for a lot of games.

For Animal Crossing fans this could be a solid deal as the upcoming paid DLC for the game is $24.99 so for about $5 more, those players can snag the DLC and enjoy all the other NSO content as well. There is a Family plan option for $79.99. If you have the friends or family willing to split up the price, you be looking at paying less than the original NSO sub.

I think the main factor that will determine the success of the Expansion Pack will be if Nintendo adds more value through DLC add-ons for their first party games. My fellow staff TJ Denzer mentioned this after the reveal on Twitter as well: 

We have seen Microsoft and Sony change directions when it comes to their online services in the past after vocal backlash from gaming communities so there is a chance that things could change but with a release date only two weeks away, I would be surprised if that happens.

Will you be purchasing the Nintendo Switch Expansion Pack? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

 A Journey around the Internet 

Here's this week's collection of internet randomness. Enjoy.

The spiciest clapback of the week goes to Turtle Rock for this gem. 

Can't die on the crates if you are already dead 

The accuracy. I swear the trash talk during continue screens used to hurt my self esteem. 

Yeah I'm uninstalling the game after this disrespect. 

There's definitely more than one type of baking in Animal Crossing now.

This one goes pretty deep. Dude basically has a bird wife who's suspected of multiple bird murders. I wonder what the pay is like to become soul mates with a killer crane. 

Not sure how Spider-Man No Way Home will top this masterpiece. Incredible.

Steve Harvey memes have not gotten old to me yet. 

That brother is starving! 

Gonna end on a wholesome moment. Love to see it! 

In Case You Missed It...

Weekend Vibes

I finally got around to listening to the new Jungle album and it's honestly been on repeat since. There's several videos for key tracks that have dropped as well that I recommend checking out if you like seeing a diverse pool of dancers expressing themselves in visually captivating settings. I think the group has definitely hit a solid groove that they should stay with.

Loose Ones

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