How to start a private lobby - Back 4 Blood

Create a Private Campaign Lobby in Back 4 Blood so only friends and those who get an invite can join.


Creating a private lobby in Back 4 Blood ensures no random players can join you. This is ideal for players that have friends who will join in on the fun later or those who want to play through with a couple of buddies and a bot. The option to create a private game is a bit hidden, so it’s easy to miss.

How to start a private lobby

back 4 blood private lobby
You can create a private lobby by changing an option found under Preferences.

To start a private lobby in Back 4 Blood, you will need to change your preferences before setting up a campaign. In order to do this, visit the tent where you start the campaign or open up the menu. Under the Play tab, scroll down to the Preferences button (it’s down below the Quickplay, Campaign, and Swarm modes).

private campaign lobby back 4 blood
Turn Private Campaign Lobby to "on" to create a private match.

In Preferences you will be able to choose to turn on Private Campaign Lobby. This makes it so that whenever you create a campaign lobby, it will be set to private, preventing random players from joining. Make sure you know how to invite friends so they can join your party. When you have a Private Campaign Lobby and you start a campaign with fewer than four people, bots will fill the roles of the missing players.

Remember to switch the Private Campaign Lobby to “off” if you want to allow random players to join your game. This is helpful if you don’t have friends who are playing and you need assistance doing things like unlocking more characters.

Starting a private lobby in Back 4 Blood is great if you want to have a private campaign without any random players. While you’re at it, you can also turn off the profanity filter so you can say whatever you want to your friends. The Shacknews Back 4 Blood page has more helpful guides to aid you on your zombie-killing adventure.

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