How to turn off the profanity filter - Back 4 Blood

Learn how to turn that profanity filter off in Back 4 Blood so you can see what people are really saying.


Back 4 Blood features a profanity filter that players can turn off and on. If you want to see what other players are saying without it being censored, then switching this thing off is the way to go. Just remember, anything you say in-game can be reported by other players – so play nice.

How to turn off the profanity filter

back 4 blood profanity filter
The profanity filter can be turned off in the settings menu in Back 4 Blood.

The option to turn off the profanity filter in Back 4 Blood is tucked away in the Settings. This can be changed as soon as the game starts, as it will run you through some options before you even hit the tutorial. However, if you need to turn off the profanity filter later on, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Go to Gameplay
  3. Scroll down to Profanity Filter
  4. Change the filter to OFF

When the profanity filter is turned on, certain potentially offensive words will be censored, replaced with asterisks (****). By turning off the profanity filter, these words should no longer be censored in chat. Keep in mind, if you’re misbehaving and being toxic to other players, you’ll likely get reported and maybe even banned. However, no doubt when you’re playing with friends you might prefer to use language that might not be appropriate to use against strangers or in a public setting.

Turning off the profanity filter in Back 4 Blood is as easy as throwing a switch. With the filter off, you should no longer have your words censored. Just remember to play nice as others may choose to report you should you start being toxic. Stop by the Shacknews Back 4 Blood page for more tips and answers to your burning questions.

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