How to invite and play with friends - Back 4 Blood

It doesn't matter if they're on different platforms, you can invite your friends to play a co-op campaign in Back 4 Blood.


Back 4 Blood is best experienced with friends, which is why knowing how to invite your friends and start up a co-op campaign is important. Even if your friend is on Xbox while you’re playing on PC, you’ll still be able to join a party and get to cleaning up the Ridden together.

How to invite friends - Back 4 Blood

back 4 blood invite and play with friends
Party Invites will appear on the right-hand side of the screen in Back 4 Blood. Press the appropriate button to join your friend.

To invite a friend to play Back 4 Blood, you must first get into the game and be in Fort Hope. Once you arrive in this area, you will be able to send out some invites to friends. It doesn’t matter if they’re on Xbox or PC, it still uses the same method:

  1. Bring up the pause menu
  2. Select the Social option
  3. Find your friend under B4B Friends or Xbox Friends
  4. Click their name and choose “Invite to Party”

Your friend will receive an in-game party invite. They should press the on-screen prompt to accept the invite. After a brief loading screen, they will appear in your Fort Hope.

The other option you will notice is called “Invite to play”. This option uses your console or PC's invite system as opposed to Back 4 Blood’s internal messaging. What this means is that players on Xbox that receive an “Invite to play” will need to use the Guide system to join. It’s just another means of inviting someone to your party, so it might be an option if the other method doesn’t work.

You can also use the Join Friend option to simply join a friend’s game. This will put you right into their lobby, even if they haven’t invited you. If they’re preferences are set to invite-only, this option won’t appear.

Once the invites are sent and your friends are in your party, you can head over to the tent and start up a campaign. Choose the option that best suits your needs. You might consider playing through Act 1 with friends so you can unlock the other characters.

Now that you know how to invite and play with friends in Back 4 Blood, there should be nothing stopping you from enjoying the fun. The only other problem you might encounter is a sign-in failed error, which has a few fixes. With that out of the way, stop by the Shacknews Back 4 Blood page for more helpful tips.

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