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How to keep gear between loops - Deathloop

Discover a way to lock gear between loops so that weapons, Slabs, and trinkets don't disappear at the start of a new day in Deathloop.


Time is a foe to us all and in Deathloop it’s the greatest enemy, as when the day restarts, you lose all of your hard-earned gear. That is, unless you can work out a way to keep gear between loops. Thankfully, there is such a way, and you’ll need to do a bit of work and gather plenty of resources so you can start locking items so they don’t disappear.

How to keep gear between loops

As the night ends in Deathloop, time rewinds right back to the beginning where you wake up on the beach. Anything you were holding gets removed from your pockets and returned to its original place, unless you and Colt can work out a way to keep your gear. As it so happens, there is a mission in Deathloop called Ubiquity that will allow you to keep your stuff.

deathloop ubiquity mission
Completing the Ubiquity mission will let you keep gear between loops by infusing it with Residuum.

You will discover the mission Ubiquity shortly after unlocking Colt’s safe in Updaam. This mission has you investigating a character called Wenjie in The Complex. In Wenjie’s lab, you will discover a use for Residuum (a special material), that can “lock” gear to you, ensuring you keep gear between loops.

From this point on, you can begin collecting Residuum and infusing gear with it. Any gear you infuse will not disappear whenever the loop restarts. This is extremely useful, as you will want to keep any Gold weapons and Slabs you might discover. You only need to infuse an item with Residuum once, no need to do it each loop.

Keep in mind that it costs a lot of Residuum to infuse an item. Most Slabs require about 10,000 units of the resource while purple trinkets need 8,000. If you’re going to infuse your favorite gear, you’ll need to know how to get more Residuum.

deathloop infuse gear to keep it

To lock an item, you must return to Colt’s base and select “Loadout”. On the Loadout screen, select the Infuse Gear option. This menu will show you every item you have. Items with an hourglass icon are not infused and will disappear at the start of a new day. Highlight the item you want and hold the button that says “Infuse”. You can also sacrifice unwanted items for extra Residuum. Whenever you finish a day, you will be asked if you want to infuse any gear before you move on to the next morning.

With the ability to keep gear between loops unlocked, you’ll finally be able to start collecting weapons and Slabs without worrying about losing them at the end of the day. For more helpful tips, take a moment to look over the Shacknews Deathloop strategy guide.

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