Shacknews E5 - OlliOlli World developers on skating in their world

We got together with OlliOlli World developers Roll7 to talk about its latest colorful take on the skateboarding genre.


OlliOlli is already a series that has garnered quite some love as a side-scrolling skateboarder, capturing love from its audience in a similar vein to the Trials dirt bike series. With OlliOlli World, the developers at Roll7 are taking the game in a far different stylistic direction while keeping that fun, side-scrolling skateboard gameplay intact. With that in mind, we caught up to the devs to talk about the game’s growing history and this new, outlandish visual direction in OlliOlli World.

We spoke to OlliOlli World’s developers as part of E5 and the Summer of Doing Our Jobs. A big part of OlliOlli World that was clearly on display during its most recent trailer was the sheer difference in visual style this time around. Where previous OlliOlli games were pretty much 2D, this one takes on a far more 2.5D cel-shaded style that’s colorful and pops in a way its development leads have described previous as inspired by Jet Set Radio.

With that in mind, the folks at Roll7 were happy to share in conversation about the changes coming to OlliOlli World. The art design was, of course, a major topic of discussion. As the game moved from 2D to 3D, the team wanted to create a style that was highly fun and welcoming to both new and returning players. A core philosophy in OlliOlli World’s design was along the lines of a “cartoon about skateboarding”. Moreover, the team talks about how actual experience in skateboarding informed the OlliOlli franchise’s overall gameplay design and build-up.

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