Starfield: The Journey Begins video promises 'a lot to share' soon

It won't be another three years before Bethesda shares more on Starfield, as Todd Howard states the team will have 'a lot to share' in the months ahead.


Starfield promises to be a landmark journey for Bethesda Game Studios in many ways. The publisher acknowledges that its adventures have been strictly earthbound. This game will be the first Bethesda effort to go beyond Earth's atmosphere and venture into the cosmos. According to a video posted earlier today, it looks like Bethesda's adventure into space is just getting started.

"Starfield is our first new universe in over 25 years," Bethesda's Todd Howard explains in his video narration. "It's a game we've dreamt of playing. And, it's only now that we have the hardware, the technology, and the experience to push our creative boundaries even further."

Howard shows off much of what Starfield is aiming for, but also notes that this will be the first look into its development. The implication is that Bethesda won't go radio silent for another three years about this project. Starfield development updates and developer diaries will look to be coming at a much more frequent pace in the future.

Starfield excited many gaming enthusiasts, even as the trailer leaked ahead of the Xbox & Bethesda E3 Showcase. There aren't many concrete details about the sci-fi RPG just yet, but Howard seems to indicate that they're on the way in the months ahead.

More frequent updates should make the wait for Starfield slightly easier. The game is set to release on November 22, 2022. The game will be exclusive to PC and Xbox Series X. For now, Bethesda is encouraging those particularly interested in Starfield to check out the Constellation Club through the Starfield website.

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