Chivalry 2's post-launch content plans will 'double the size of the game for free'

Torn Banner Studio and Tripwire Interactive have some bold plans for the future support of Chivalry 2.


Torn Banner Studio and Tripwire Interactive have finally moved Chivalry 2 out the door. It’s quite the game already, but the developers have no plans to sit on their laurels and bask in the glory. During E3, Torn Banner shared glimpses of what lies ahead in Chivalry 2’s immediate future. Moreover, the devs promised that the amount of post-launch content coming for Chivalry 2 will pretty much “double the size of the game for free”.

Chivalry 2 got a post-launch developer spotlight during the PC Gaming Show livestream during E3 2021 on June 13, 2021. During the spotlight, we got a look at a new map, new weapon skins, teases of a new weapon style, and more. Moreover, Torn Banner promised that much of this content will be coming for free. Players won’t have to spend another dime on new levels, weapon classes, and similar updates to the game. Currently, Torn Banner Studio claims that the amount of content on the roadmap should pretty much double its overall offering at no cost to those playing. You can catch the full developer spotlight just below.

Not only is the immediate offering from Chivalry 2 looking fantastic (the new map and weapons look fun and gorgeous), but it’s a rather generous-sounding roadmap for the game as well. Chivalry 2 was already looking and playing great when we reviewed it here at Shacknews. It features some of the best ragdoll mechanics and satisfyingly visceral melee combat we’ve seen in a game. We also know there’s expanded features like cross-platform partying coming post-launch. To hear that Torn Banner just intends to sweeten the deal well after the game’s launch is fantastic to say the least.

With today’s reveal of upcoming content and the plans teased for the road ahead, stay tuned for the latest updates and info on Chivalry 2 right here at Shacknews. Be sure to check out all of our E3 2021 coverage through the weekend as well.

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