Watch the Devolver Digital MaxPass+ livestream here

Devolver Digital takes the stage later today for the Devolver MaxPass+ livestream. Watch it here.


Over the past several years, the cure for the common E3 press event has come from Devolver Digital. They are back to shift paradigms and think outside boxes once more this year with the Devolver MaxPass+ presentation. (Can't imagine what this is referencing.) You'll want to be part of the action, I'm sure, so let's give you everything you need to tune in.

Watch the Devolver MaxPass+ presentation here

The Devolver MaxPass+ stream will air live Saturday, June 12 at 1:30 p.m. PT/4:30 p.m. ET. The whole thing will be viewable live on Twitch Gaming. If you don't wish to click over to the Twitch website, you can check out the embed above.

According to the Devolver Digital Twitter account, viewers can expect to see all-new games from developers Flying Wild Hog, Galvanic Games, Doinksoft, and more. Release dates for Phantom Abyss and Death's Door will also be revealed. This will be in addition to expected new nuggets of information on previously-known Devolver Digital titles, like Shadow Warrior 3.

This being Devolver Digital, we're also expecting plenty of absurdist humor. We're looking forward to seeing what the titular Devolver MaxPass+ actually is, as well as any other surprises. Remember that last year, players were introduced to the Devolverland Expo. How does Devolver possibly follow that? Do we even want to know? Is is safe to find out? The answers are we don't know, yes, and do you feel lucky?

Shacknews will be watching Devolver MaxPass+ along with everybody else and we'll be sure to report back with the latest news and reveals. Stay tuned for the latest announcements.

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