Dragon Quest Treasures spinoff revealed, in development for worldwide launch

Dragon Quest Treasures will be a spinoff RPG coming to the Dragon Quest universe with a focus on treasure hunting.


The Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary livestream had a lot of amazing news for Dragon Quest fans worldwide. There were a handful of Japan-only or Japan-first titles announced during the stream, but some of the biggest announcements were revealed to be launching worldwide simultaneously if development goes as planned. One such title was an all-new spinoff coming to the Dragon Quest franchise. Dragon Quest Treasures was announced and, though few details were given, it’s set to offer players a new RPG experience in the Dragon Quest world.

Dragon Quest Treasures was announced during the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Event livestream on May 26, 2021. A complete spinoff of the usual Dragon Quest affairs, Dragon Quest Treasures gives us a new adventure. We’ll be taking the roles of DQ 11 characters Erik and Mia when they were kids, heading off on a quest of treasure hunting and shenanigans. The developers of DQ Treasures claimed it will be an RPG, but also very different from the usual Dragon Quest RPG style.

While Square Enix didn’t have platforms or dates to reveal for Dragon Quest Treasures, it did confirm that the game would be released worldwide simultaneously. This is great news for those who might have been concerned about missing out on the game or getting it well after a Japan launch. The fact that it also takes characters from the fantastic Dragon Quest 11 should also make for a fun time for fans of that game looking to see more of its expanded storylines.

Beside Dragon Quest Treasures, the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Event livestream was full of great reveals like Dragon Quest 3 HD Remake and the first announcement of Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate. Be sure to check out all of it and stay tuned for the latest on these games as new details become available later this year.

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