GameStop lists RTX 30XX Series GPUs on its online shop... they sold out obviously

Various EVGA variants of Nvidia's RTX 30XX GPUs appeared on the GameStop website store for seconds before they were gone.


Well into 2021, getting one’s hands on Nvidia’s most recently released series of RTX 30XX GPUs has proven to be one of the most difficult challenges in gaming. Every time we see any of these graphics cards show up, it feels like literal seconds before the internet dogpiles them into “Sold Out” status and we have to clear our online carts and hope for better luck on the next try. Meanwhile, GameStop announced earlier this year that it would be getting into the PC parts and gaming monitor market and seems to have followed through. It listed some RTX 30XX Series GPUs on its website shop today and, as can be expected, they’re already sold out.

GameStop’s listing of Nvidia RTX 3060, 3070, 3080, and 3090 GPUs seems to have occurred at some point this week. They were running the EVGA variants of the cards in Nvidia’s various styles. That said, they didn’t last long. Pretty much every selectable card from the practical GeForce RTX 3060 XC Gaming Graphics Card to the far more beefy GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming Graphics Card are Sold Out and unavailable for purchase at this time.

Different shop, same story. Even at GameStop, Nvidia RTX 30XX Series GPUs remain hard to get one's hands on if you're not quick and/or lucky.
Different shop, same story. Even at GameStop, Nvidia RTX 30XX Series GPUs remain hard to get one's hands on if you're not quick and/or lucky.

This follows on top of GameStop’s previous promise that it would begin selling PC components and gaming TVs and monitors as it continued to pivot more into online sales and services following a pretty good boost in 2020 e-commerce operations. Unfortunately, the demand for Nvidia’s RTX 30XX Series remains at a boiling point as scarcity of the cards and the huge demand for them remain. There’s also the fact that many have been using Nvidia’s new GPUs for cryptocurrency mining. It’s an effort that Nvidia has tried to combat in the RTX 3060, but only to mixed results as modders work around driver limitations set by the company.

Nonetheless, GameStop now stands as another outlet to keep an eye on for new Nvidia RTX 30XX Series GPUs. Whether you’ll actually be able to get one is a whole other story, but stay tuned as we continued to follow this matter and report on the latest relating to GameStop and Nvidia RTX GPUs.

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