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All Outhouses - Resident Evil Village

Find all the outhouses in Resident Evil Village to unlock the Achievement, When You Gotta Go.


There are a lot of horrifying things in Resident Evil Village, but one of the more humorous things is the Achievement and Trophy that requires finding all the Outhouses. Simply called, “When You Gotta Go…”, this Achievement is unlocked by opening all the doors on all the Outhouses.

All Outhouses – Resident Evil Village

Hidden away around Resident Evil Village are 10 Outhouses for the player to find. The majority of these are in the village hub area, with the only one found out of the way in the Reservoir. You must open the Outhouse door for the Achievement/Trophy to unlock and they must all be opened in a single playthrough. Check out the helpful video by GosuNoob below if you’re having trouble spotting them.

Outhouse 1: West Old Town

The first Outhouse you can find in Resident Evil Village is in West Old Town, the first time you make it to the village. Travel past the dead horse on the road and through the barn. When you step outside, look to the right of the well to spot the outhouse.

Outhouse 2: Luiza’s House

Another Outhouse is found right near Luiza’s House. You will need to enter through the little shack and then out the window to where the well is (this is where you can also find the Quality Meat later on). Jump onto the crate and over the broken wall to find the Outhouse on your right.

Outhouse 3: After Castle Dimitrescu

This Outhouse can be found immediately after you leave Castle Dimitrescu. You’ll exit and find a little shack with a boat next to it. Go into the shack, jump out the back window, and turn left to spot the Outhouse.

Outhouse 4: Behind Maiden of War Statue

An Outhouse can be found around the building behind the Maiden of War statue in the centre of the village. The house has a chimney and a blue gate, which will be smashed in when you return to the hub area after clearing Castle Dimitrescu. Go through the blue gate, up the stairs and into the house on the left. Walk through the house, being sure to collect the Wooden Animal Part, and exit out the bolted door in the back – the Outhouse is on your left.

Outhouse 5: Behind Maiden of War Statue (again)

There is yet another Outhouse found behind the Maiden of War Statue. This one is found by going the same way as above. Go through the blue gate, up the stairs on your left and into the house. Go through the house and out the back door. Cross the yard into the barn and exit out the other side (there might be a shelf blocking your way that you must move). Turn right to spot the Outhouse.

Outhouse 6: Iron Insignia Key lock

Another Outhouse is right beside the Iron Insignia lock in the south part of the village.  You will need to work through this area as part of the story when you have the task to find the house with the red chimney.

Outhouse 7: West Old Town

An Outhouse is found in the very south of West Old Town. This is an area behind a blue gate, right near the Iron Insignia lock. You can reach this area when you have the task to find the house with the red chimney. Go through the blue gate (it will have a note stuck to it) and turn right to spot the Outhouse.

Outhouse 8: After Iron Insignia lock

In West Old Town you will need to unlock an Iron Insignia lock as part of the task to find the red chimney. This area has a few Outhouses, but the next one is found by climbing the yellow ladder and dropping down off of the next roof. The Outhouse is near some chickens.

Outhouse 9: Garden

The second-last Outhouse is found after you clear House Beneviento. Go back along the path through the Garden, which will now let you get to a small house along the north side of the trail. The Outhouse is found around the back. You can also now find the W870 TAC shotgun in this area, so make sure you grab that while you’re here.

Outhouse 10: Drowned Houses

The last Outhouse in Resident Evil Village is in the Drowned Houses area. This is the one Outhouse you can be locked out of finding, as once you defeat Moreau you cannot return. From the button puzzle to drain the dam, go down the hallway and take the door on your left (the one that doesn’t lead to the Duke). Go outside and wrap around the back of the building to find the Outhouse.

With all the Outhouses in Resident Evil Village found, you should unlock the Achievement/Trophy, “When You Gotta Go…” Make sure to check out the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page for a wealth of other helpful guides!

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