Wooden Animal parts location - Resident Evil Village

Find the two Wooden Animal parts in Resident Evil Village and put them together for an Achievement/Trophy and a valuable item to sell.


There are lots of things to find in Resident Evil Village and one of the more puzzling is the Wooden Goat. Though it’s obvious it’s a goat, the individual parts are simply labelled as Wooden Animal. If you want to make a bit more money, you’ll want to find both parts of the animal and put them together.

Wooden Animal parts location

There are two Wooden Animal parts to find which, when combined, transform into a Wooden Goat. This goat is not to be confused with the Goats of Warding that are hidden around Resident Evil Village. The purpose of this Wooden Goat is to be sold to the Duke for a lot of Lei. Plus, you’ll also get the Repairer Achievement/Trophy.

Wooden Animal Body

resident evil village wooden animal body
resident evil village wooden animal body location

The first piece, a Wooden Animal Body, is found in the house east of the Maiden of War statue, behind the blue fence. This house may only be accessible after you escape Castle Dimitrescu and return to the Village.

Wooden Animal Head

resident evil village wooden animal head
resident evil village wooden animal head location

The Wooden Animal Head is found in the well beside the Maiden of War statue. You will need the Well Wheel to bring it up, which requires you have the Iron Insignia Key. All of this requires you fight through Castle Dimitrescu.

resident evil village wooden goat repairer achievement trophy

When you have the two Wooden Animal parts, go into the Treasure section of the inventory. Here you can select them and choose to combine both parts, which forms the Wooden Goat. When this is done, you will have unlocked the Repairer Achievement/Trophy. All that’s left to do is sell it to the Duke.

After you’ve found both the Wooden Animal parts, put them together, and sold the goat to the Duke, you can get on with trying to save Rose. To help you and Ethan on your journey, make sure to stop by the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page where we have a wealth of useful guides!

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