Where to find Quality Meat - Resident Evil Village

Learn the location of the Quality Meat so the Duke can cook you a stat-boosting meal in Resident Evil Village.


Quality Meat is one of the three unique pieces of meat to find in Resident Evil Village. Tracking down the location of this special animal, and killing it, will net you some Quality Meat which is used in crafting a stat-boosting meal for Ethan. It’s important to do this as soon as possible, especially on the harder difficulties.

Quality Meat location – Photo of a Rare Animal

The Quality Meat is found near the well in Fallow Plot in the main village area. This location might only accessible after you have collected the Four-Winged Key. To find the snow-white pig, enter Fallow Plot from the main hub and go through the wheat up to the right.

resident evil village quality meat location

Instead of going directly to Luiza’s House, go to the right to spot a little shed. Go inside the shed and then climb through the open window. You’ll spot a white pig rooting around in the mud near a well. Kill the pig to get the Quality Meat. Take this to the Duke, along with some other basic meats, to get him to cook Ciorba de Porc which greatly decreases damage taken when guarding.

resident evil village quality meat

You can also find a photo in Moreau's area of the map that reveals this pig’s location, but it’s not necessary. The photo in question is called Photo of a Rare Animal and just shows the pig beside a build – entirely unhelpful. What is necessary though, is finding the other unique meats. Once you find Quality Meat, go and track down the Finest Fish and Juicy Game so you can get the stat-boosts from those unique items. These items are only used in one dish, so don’t worry about wasting them.

resident evil village quality meat ciorba de porc

If you want to unlock all of the meals and boosts that come with them, you will absolutely need to scour the map for every bit of meat, poultry, and fish you can find. While there are excess of some meats, finding enough fish can be a bit tricky.

With the Quality Meat found and turned into a meal, take your time perusing the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page for more walkthroughs and item location guides.

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