Where to find Juicy Game - Resident Evil Village

Track down the Juicy Game and get the Duke to cook it to increase Ethan's stats in Resident Evil Village.


Juicy Game is one of the three unique meats to find in Resident Evil Village. Taking the time to locate the Juicy Game, and bring it back to the Duke, will reward you with some increases to Ethan’s stats, which will significantly improve his chances of surviving each encounter.

Juicy Game location – Photo of a Strange Bird

The Juicy Game is found by killing a unique blue bird in the Graveyard area of the village. As you enter the Graveyard location (where the Maiden of War statue is), go up the hill toward the gate that takes you to Castle Dimitrescu. On your left will be a large tree behind a locked mausoleum. In the branches is the blue bird.

resident evil village juicy game location

This blue bird is actually hinted at in a photo you can find in the Beneviento area of the game. This photo is in a small shed along the path back to the main hub, after you defeat Beneviento. The photo is called Photo of a Strange Bird and is found in the outhouse behind the building along the northern side of the path in the Garden. Finding this photo isn’t a requirement.

resident evil village juicy game blue bird

Once you’ve found the Juicy Game, take the time to also find and collect the Quality Meat and the Finest Fish. All three of these unique bits of meat can be used by the Duke to create meals that boost Ethan’s stats. Each unique meat can only be used to create one special meal. If you want to unlock all of the stat boosts, you will need to find all the meat, including your basic meat, fish, and poultry. The Juicy Game is used to create Tochitura de Pui which greatly increases Ethan’s health.

resident evil village juicy game tochitura de pui

While collecting the Juicy Game and other meats is a good idea, remember that they each take up precious inventory space. Unlike previous Resident Evil titles, Village offers no Item Box, so you will need to really keep on top of your inventory, even going so far as buying upgrades from the Duke. These upgrades are not cheap, so make sure you’re making plenty of Lei.

After finding the Juicy Game, make sure to also find your way to the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page for more articles on where to find various items, like weapons and collectibles.

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