Where to find Finest Fish - Resident Evil Village

Find the Finest Fish location and take it back to the Duke for a stat boost in Resident Evil Village.


The Finest Fish is an upgrade material in Resident Evil Village that let’s Ethan boost some of his stats. Finding the Finest Fish is going to be a good idea, especially for those fighting through the harder difficulty levels.

Finest Fish location – Photo of a Phantom Fish

The Finest Fish meat is found down the river from Lone Road. To reach this area, you will need to get into the boat, which requires you to lower the drawbridge using the Crank. This Crank is found down south in the Drowned Houses section of the game.

resident evil village finest fish location

Once you clear the Drowned Houses and deal with Moreau, return to the drawbridge by heading back to the Duke at the Altar. From here, take the north gate to reach the drawbridge. Use the Crank to lower it, cross the bridge, and then head downstream – there are rewards upstream but for the Finest Fish you need to go downstream. This location is also revealed in a photo called Photo of Phantom Fish that is found in the Stronghold.

resident evil village finest fish

At the bottom of the river you will find a little place to dock the boat. Enter the shallow pond and start killing the fish there. Look for the golden fish, this will be the one that drops the Finest Fish meat which is used to make Sarmale de Peste which increases movement speed.

resident evil village finest fish sarmale de peste

Once you’ve got the Finest Fish, make sure you also take the time to get the Quality Meat and the Juicy Game. Both of these are needed in two other recipes that significantly improve Ethan’s stats. Much like the fish, both of them are found in specific locations and can only be used once.

Other than finding the Finest Fish, there are plenty of other things to find and collect in Resident Evil Village. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page for more helpful tips to help Ethan survive the harsh environment of this European village.

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