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Rocket League 'Next' plans leak, features mobile cross-play with consoles & PC

It would appear that Psyonix and Epic Games have a new game client in the works with Rocket League Next that supports cross-playon mobile, console, and PC versions.


As the court case between Epic Games and Apple enters a new series of hearings, we’re getting looks at a wealth of new information between all entities involved. Various court documents and evidence have come out of the case, whether through the process of trial and evidence submissions or through leaks of documents relating to the case. Such seems to be the case with Rocket League (as developer Psyonix is owned by Epic Games). Recently, we learned of something allegedly called Rocket League Next, which will supposedly be a next-gen client supporting cross-play between console, PC, and mobile versions of the game.

Rocket League Next was revealed in said documents relating to the Epic Games v Apple case, but those documents were also shared over on the ResetEra forums. According to slides from said leaks, Rocket League Next is a “next-generation client with full game experience across all platforms, including mobile.” This seems to suggest that not only will Rocket League Next become the main client to run the core game on existing platforms as we know it, but also that it makes the core game fully playable on mobile devices.

The slide regarding Rocket League Next suggests that the client would first see alpha and beta testing on mobile devices before launching on further platforms.
The slide regarding Rocket League Next suggests that the client would first see alpha and beta testing on mobile devices before launching on further platforms.

Rocket League Next honestly sounds like an interesting way to consolidate the vast complexity of the main Rocket League game across multiple platforms. With the game currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Epic Games Store (and still playable on Steam despite being removed), there are a lot of ecosystems for usernames and parties. With a combined client like Rocket League Next, cross-play could be streamlined into one combined ecosystem that could be far easier to use. At the very least, this sounds like the premise of Rocket League Next based on the documents and it sounds promising.

Of course, there’s nothing official about Rocket League Next just yet. This is still something likely in development with Psyonix not ready to share just yet. Unfortunately, Epic v Apple seems to be airing a lot of dirty laundry between both companies. Stay tuned for further coverage on Rocket League Next and from the trial, such as the breakdown of Fortnite’s revenue among platforms, which features some surprising details and stats.

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