Resident Evil Village will see the return of The Mercenaries extra mode

Players wanting a way to challenge themselves after the credits roll in Resident Evil Village (or even before) will be happy to know The Mercenaries is returning.


The Mercenaries is a pretty beloved extra mode for the Resident Evil series at this point. Typically unlocked after beating the game in previous titles such as Resident Evil 3, The Mercenaries and variants of it have been allowing players to challenge themselves to try to survive gauntlets of enemies and environments in timed situations. After having been absent from the Resident Evil 3 remake, Mercenaries is making a return in RE Village as a free mode.

The return of The Mercenaries extra mode to Resident Evil Village was announced in the April 15 Resident Evil Village Showcase. Just like in previous versions, players will take on situations in which they’ll have limited time and resources to overcome a bevy of enemies, whether it’s defeating them for extra seconds on the clock or running away. Time bonuses and other rewards are also hidden in the environment, including abilities that allow you to get bonuses like increased move speed or weapon category damage. You’ll need to be quick on your aim, trigger finger, reflexes, and decision-making if you not only want to survive but rank highly in The Mercenaries.

This was a delightful surprise to see out of the Resident Evil Village showcase today. The Mercenaries definitely adds some fun extra playability to the game, offering an intense way for some of the best players to challenge themselves in the game. Resident Evil 3’s remake was a fantastic game, but there were many that cried fowl at the fact that any sort of extra mode like The Mercenaries was absent from the game, especially after it sort of made an appearance in the Resident Evil 2 remake with scenarios featuring Robert Kendo and H.U.N.K..

What’s more, Capcom mentioned it would be a free mode with the game, which seems to imply it may be accessible without having to beat the game first. It will remain to be seen if that’s true, or if you just don’t have to buy it as an extra, but with the game fast approaching in May we’ll know soon enough. Be sure to check out the new upcoming gameplay demo and village-heavy trailer from today’s showcase and stay tuned for further information leading up the May 7 release date.

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