Hitman 3's next Elusive Target, The Stowaway, is now live through the end of March

The Stowaway, Jimmy Chen, makes a return to Hitman 2's Isle of Sgail for a limited time and a one-shot opportunity for intrepid assassins.


Earlier this month, we shared the March roadmap for Hitman 3, featuring new content, Escalations, gear rewards, and our next Elusive Target event. Much like the first one, Hitman 3’s latest Elusive Target is a rerun from the previous games, namely The Stowaway from Hitman 2. However, those who missed out on this fellow the first time will be happy to know he’s back and ready for you to take another try at taking him down while you can.

IO Interactive launched The Stowaway Elusive Target on March 19, 2021, as shared via the Hitman franchise’s Twitter. From March 19 all the way up until March 29, players will be able to return to Hitman 2’s Isle of Sgail map and attempt to trap down The Stowaway. Jimmy Chen is a journalist attending events at the island and attempting to dig up evidence for a story. He’s cunning and perceptive. If he feels threatened he’ll change the game in a way you might not expect, so you’d best stay on your toes (and his) if you’re going to catch him.

Much like Hitman 3’s first Elusive Target, The Deceivers, The Stowaway is the return of a previously run Elusive Target. Where The Deceivers were in Hitman 1, The Stowaway made his appearance in Hitman 2. It could be that IO Interactive is leading up to the arrival at a target at Hitman 3, or it could be that it wants players to see all the quality work it did on optimizing all three games in the trilogy with the launch of Hitman 3. Either way, if you missed out on icing Chen the first time or are new to the series, now’s your chance to chase this kill. Just be careful and plan well. As with any Elusive Target, you only get one chance at them.

Looking for something newer than a returning Elusive Target? Be sure to keep your eyes on the Hitman 3 March content roadmap as IO Interactive prepares to launch new Escalations and a seasonal event for further outfits and gear at the end of the month.

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