Hitman 3's first Elusive Targets 'The Deceivers' are live in Sapienza

A rehash of an event from Hitman 2, Hitman 3's first Elusive Targets are 'The Deceivers' found in Sapienza, and they're available from now well into March.


Elusive Targets have long been a very interesting aspect of IO Interactive’s modern Hitman trilogy. These special contracts are a one-time effort. Once you take them on, it’s do or die and if your targets get away alive, you won’t get another chance at them during the current event. Elusive Targets are set to return in Hitman 3 and we’ve got our first event contract now. It’s a pair of targets that originally appeared as an Elusive Target contract in Hitman 2. The Deceivers are now lurking in Hitman 1’s Sapienza map.

This particular “The Deceivers” Elusive Target event was revealed as part of the overall February roadmap of content for Hitman 3. Originally appearing as an Elusive Target event in Hitman 2, The Deceivers are actually a pair of targets that must both be disposed of in order to successfully clear the contract. Anthony Troutt and Richard McGee are transpolitical actors, the former a congressman and the latter a colleague and strongarm against Troutt’s political adversaries. Troutt is staying at Villa Caruso, but McGee’s location is unknown. You’ll likely need to figure it out as you hunt Troutt first.

Though a re-run of a previous Elusive Target mission, “The Deceivers” marks the return of this type of contract in Hitman 3. Given that all three games and their locations can be imported into the Hitman 3 game, it seems like a great way to celebrate the collected trilogy. You'll also get to see the improvements IO Interactive has made across the series of games with the launch of Hitman 3 and optimization of the other two titles.

Of course, the crux of an Elusive Target is that once you take the contract, you have one chance at it. Be sure you plan and adapt well, even if this isn’t your first shot at The Deceivers in Hitman 3. Miss one target, and you won’t have another chance at them again anytime soon.

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