Hitman 3's February 2021 roadmap has its first Elusive Target, barf grenades, & more

There's a lot coming in February for Hitman 3, including an Elusive Target event, Featured Contracts, and new gadgets including a grenade that will make people puke.


With Hitman 3 having quite successfully launched and garnering massive praise and love from fans and players, IO Interactive is ready to give us more murderous opportunities in some of our favorite locations. If you’ve already explored levels front to back (and even if you haven’t), there’s a full roadmap of content for February, including the first Elusive Target event since Hitman 3’s launch, Featured Contracts, Escalation events, and new gear, including a barf grenade.

IO Interactive released the Hitman 3 February 2021 roadmap with a video and blog post on February 4, 2021. The February 2021 roadmap has a ton of goodies and content to explore in terms of new gadgets and contracts. On February 11, players will be able to explore the Featured Contract MinnMax in Dubai. And on February 23, another will open up in Dartmoor, the Kinda Funny Featured Contract. In fact, February 23 will have plenty of goodies to explore with The Gauchito Antiquity and The Proloff Parable Escalations bringing in new gear (the former of which has a fancy new Guru Emetic Grenade to make groups of people lose their lunch).

Hitman 3's February 2021 roadmap of content is full of Featured Contracts, Escalations, barf grenades, and plenty more.
Hitman 3's February 2021 roadmap of content is full of Featured Contracts, Escalations, barf grenades, and plenty more.

Late in February, we’ll get to track our first Elusive Target. Interestingly, it’s a recycled target from Hitman 1’s Sapienza level. That said, with Hitman 3 having brought trilogy-wide updates to the games, including new lighting, texturing, and more, it will be a great time to see how the update has improved the previous entries for longtime players. As a reminder, Elusive Targets are one-time challenges. You need to have the wherewithal to take your mark on the first try or they’ll get away and you won’t get another opportunity to try again. Make sure you’re kitted out and prepared for the job on the first try.

Hitman 3 has been a blast, beloved in our Shacknews review and becoming profitable in its first week of launch. With February looking rather content rich for the game, it’s looking like IO Interactive has plenty of plans to keep the contracts and challenges going for a good, long time.

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