Dying Light 2's March dev update was a mean tweets bit & a request for patience

The Dying Light 2 dev update's tone was a little strange, but it did end with promise that the game is still in the works and more news is coming.


As we came into today, the developer update from Techland on what’s going on with Dying Light 2 was something hanging overhead. Given the silence from the studio, the exit of key personnel, and troubling stories about the workspace environment, we didn’t know what to expect out of Dying Light news today. What we got was… not quite what we expected. After a mean tweets bit, Techland’s devs asked for patience and reassured that Dying Light 2 is still in the works and even promised upcoming news and Ask-Me-Aything style videos are on the way soon.

The Dying Light 2 March 2021 Dev Update went live on March 17, 2021 via the game’s YouTube channel. It was previously advertised as some of the first news relating to the game in quite some time. It started off a bit oddly for the first update in months amid questionable situations. The devs read off tweets asking for updates on the game and a bit of mean and/or cynical commentary. Ultimately, though, it led into saying the game is still in the works and news is apparently coming.

There’s been no lack of legitimate concern regarding the state of Dying Light 2. Whether it was Techland breaking off with writer and designer Chris Avellone amid sexual harassment allegations, longtime Art Director Pawel Selinger leaving the studio, or allegations of toxic workplace and management situations, many feared for the worst. The mean tweets bit was a curious first step back into new conversations about Dying Light 2 with these other matters just behind us, but if the Techland devs are to be believed, at least new content is on the way.

The gameplay video we got to see didn’t look like anything outlandishly new outside of a fresh sizzle reel for the game, but Techland closed the video with the promise that new information is coming soon. The designers invited fans back to the Dying Light Discord where a new AMA room has opened up and where the devs promise to use questions from the channel about Dying Light 2 to create new AMA videos about the game’s development.

Strange beginning tone aside, it wasn’t substantial by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn’t nothing either. It looks like Dying Light 2 is still moving forward in some degree. Stay tuned to Shacknews as we continue to follow with further news from Techland and the latest information on the game.

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