Valheim player creates a giant pachinko machine worthy of the gods

One Valheim player decided to try their luck in the afterlife by creating a pachinko machine so big, even a frost giant could play.


Valheim is a very permissive sandbox as far as the kind of things players can do with any given amount of creativity. Its building-block style creative elements when it comes to construction allow players to put together massive fortresses suitable for all of their adventures. Or… in one players case… it allows them to put together a supermassive game of luck and chance - a giant pachinko machine.

It was on March 16, 2021 that Valheim subreddit user Eonwulf posted their rather unique creation and a video to go with it. The player took a skyscraping amount of wood, beams, and caged doors and created a giant, working pachinko machine. You simply fly up to the top of the machine and drop a giant gem into one of the slots and watch gravity, physics, and fate decide which slot your rock lands in. It could technically be construed a bit like The Price is Right’s Plinko in that you get to choose which slot the rock goes in. Nonetheless, it’s simply something you need to see in action.

Eonwulf’s creation is one of many fun efforts we’ve seen throughout the Valheim community. In traditionalist terms, popular streamer CohhCarnage showed that even as a solo player, you could build vast fortresses (though his was a 140-hour endeavor). Moreover, there was a stint in which players were testing spaceflight in Valheim by launching long boats into the stratosphere. There have been plenty of other fun creations throughout the Valheim community too. It truly does seem as though if you can feasibly think it up, the building will allow you to do it in some way shape or form. The physics of the game also just allow for fun interactions with these contraptions.

Stuff like Eonwulf’s pachinko machine is a good example of why Valheim soared past 5 million players. As Iron Gate Studio continues to build upon the game, we hope fun creations like this never go away.

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