Star Wars Republic Commando could be headed for a Nintendo Switch release

The 2005 squad shooter set in the Star Wars universe apparently made an appearance on Switch's store servers under the development of Aspyr.


It’s been a pretty long time since Star Wars Republic Commando launched, giving us a Star Wars Episode 1-3 era shooter in which we played our role in a squad of clone troopers. It was a decent game, but we haven’t seen much follow-up on it since. Apparently, though, it could be making a sudden comeback in the near future. The game has allegedly appeared on Nintendo Switch’s Store servers and it’s supposedly being handled by regular port developer Aspyr.

The seeming leak of Star Wars Republic Commando comes from Switch eShop dataminer NWPlayer123, who shared on February 10, 2021 that not only was Star Wars Republic Commando on the Nintendo Switch shop servers under Aspyr’s banner, but it had also recently been updated. Aspyr has a decent track record of porting games over to new consoles, which even includes some other Star Wars and LucasArts games. Previously, Aspyr had ported Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, and Star Wars Episode 1: Racer to Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Considering those recent Star Wars titles, it makes sense for Aspyr to keep pace as it brings some of the best of the LucasArts Star Wars library to modern consoles, and Republic Commando is a decent one. The game received mostly praise when it launched back in 2005, putting the Delta Squad of its clones at the front and center of its tactical shooter gameplay. The Delta Squad would make several appearances in Star Wars spinoff stories before extended content was deemed uncanonical in 2014. Even so, Republic Commando is mostly remembered as quite the enjoyable take on an interesting corner of Star Wars lore.

If Star Wars Republic Commando is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch as the leak suggests, you can bet that we’ll follow up when it’s confirmed. Stay tuned as we await further information from Aspyr and Nintendo on the matter.

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