Celeste Classic sequel released for PICO-8 in honor of game's 3rd anniversary

Made for the PICO-8 platform, Celeste Classic 2 is playable for free in honor of Celeste's third anniversary.


It’s absolutely wild to think it has already been three years since Celeste first launched, putting our platforming skills to the absolute test and warming our hearts with its daunting journey of self-realization and acceptance. Here we are, though, and in celebration of another year passed since Madeline’s climb up Mount Celeste, and the game’s creator has a treat for all fans. Celeste Classic is a prototype of what would eventually be developed into the full game, and now Celeste 2: Lani’s Trek, or Celeste Classic 2, has been released to play for free on the PICO-8 platform.

Celeste Designer Maddy Thorson released Celeste Classic 2 for the PICO-8 game platform on January 25, 2021, marking one of several fun offerings for Celeste’s third anniversary since release in 2018. Although downloadable on PICO-8, it’s also playable in multiple forms on the web for free. Not so much an actual sequel to the full version of Celeste itself, Celeste Classic 2 is more of an extension of the prototype that would eventually become Celeste, offering a myriad of platforming levels to explore and overcome.

It’s a fun addition on top of other events for the Celeste anniversary, including a recent developer commentary speedrun livestream which featured Maddy Thorson and development contributor Kevin Regamey.

Celeste itself might not be getting a true sequel soon, as the Farewell DLC put a rather nice ribbon on the story being told within the game at the time, not to mention featuring a massive collection of levels to explore. It was through this experience that Celeste’s creator, Thorson, hinted and delved into the trans identity and struggle of Madeline: a reflection of their own coming out and coming to terms as non-binary.

Celeste has meant a lot of things to a lot of people since its original launch. For some, it’s just an amazing platformer. For others, it’s a gripping story of insecurity and acceptance of identity. Regardless of where you fall, Celeste Classic 2 should tide you over if you’re looking for more platforming goodness in the style of the beloved game on its third birthday.

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