Celeste Chapter 9 DLC to feature over 100 levels

Want more Celeste? The upcoming Chapter 9 DLC will come packing over 100 levels.


Celeste's upcoming Chapter 9 DLC is gong to be chock-full of content, with over 100 levels included in the massive chunk of new Celeste goodness.

Creator Matt Thorson of Matt Makes Games took to Twitter about Celeste, noting that the DLC will indeed feature that many levels, as the team has been "detailing them for weeks now." The ninth chapter is an additional set of levels that will go with the game's eight chapters it originally came with, so if you finished it up and were still looking for more, this is your chance at seeing it all come to life.

Matt Makes Games' Kevin Regamy also took to Twitter stating that his "completion goal" for the chapter 9 content is "sub 2 hours." This may differ if you're not so great at Celeste, which many of us aren't, but wow, that's a lot of mountain climbing!

The action-platformer, which follows a young woman working to climb a mountain and facing her fears in the process, was a popular title when it released and has been a favorite among some of the Shack Staff.

Previously, Celeste won the Shacknews Best Indie Game of 2018 award, so you know it's definitely chock-full of quality. Here's what Ozzie Mejia had to say about it:

"It's heartwarming, but it's also tough as nails. It's creator Matt Thorson and his staff of friends hitting his peak as a game designer, taking the captivating visual style of TowerFall, adding the difficulty of his own custom Super Mario Maker stages, and adding in a universally-engaging story. That makes Celeste Shacknews' Best Indie Game of 2018."

If you haven't tried the game, looks like now's a great time, especially with all these new levels on the horizon. Get out there and scale that mountain!

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