Three new Amiibo to launch in support of Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is set to offer a full blown hunting adventure on Nintendo Switch, and there are fresh new Amiibo that will be launching alongside it.


Monster Hunter Rise might not be launching on the Nintendo Switch till March 2021, but today was a day full of news and information about what we can expect out of the event. There was a livestream chockfull of new information, and in we learned about new features, the free demo, and more. Being a major Nintendo Switch game, one of those details included all-new Amiibo. Apparently, three new Amiibo will be launching alongside Monster Hunter Rise, featuring a collection of in-game bonuses.

Capcom announced the new Amiibo during the Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event on January 7, 2021. During the livestream, the team took the opportunity to speak to pre-orders and special editions, and then went into a little bit of detail on what kind of Amiibo will be coming. The three Amiibo will feature our favorite little felines friends, the Palico, as well as the new canine companion, the Palamute, and Monster Hunter Rise’s showcase beast, Magnamalo. All three Amiibo will launch on March 26, 2021, the same day as Monster Hunter Rise.

With use of the Palico, Palamute, or Magnamalo Amiibo, you can unlock in-game layered armor styles in Monster Hunter Rise.
With use of the Palico, Palamute, or Magnamalo Amiibo, you can unlock exclusive in-game layered armor styles in Monster Hunter Rise.

As is often the case with Amiibo supporting a game, the three Amiibo will offer in-game bonuses for Monster Hunter Rise. The Palamute will featured layered armor for your in-game Palamute, likewise with the Palico featuring layered armor for your Palico, and Magnamalo will feature layered armor for your hunter. Layered armor is basically a skin you can use in visual place of your regular armor, giving you a cool look while preserving your actual armor’s benefits, so these Amiibo will allow you to change up your style while taking the equipment you need into each fight.

There were plenty of other details shown during the livestream, including Wyvern Riding and details about the free demo, and plenty more is on the way. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more upcoming info on Monster Hunter Rise as it becomes available.

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