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All tools and how to unlock them - Bugsnax

Unlock every tool in Bugsnax so you can start catching every single bugsnak you discover.


There are a lot of tools to unlock in Bugsnax. At the start of the game, you don’t have many tools at your disposal, which makes it difficult to catch some of the more elusive critters. For those that want to catch every bugsnak in the game, unlocking all the tools will be a top priority.

Unlock all tools in Bugsnax

There are roughly a dozen tools to unlock in Bugsnax. Each of these tools specializes in either capturing bugsnax, recording them, or interacting with Grumpuses and the environment. As the story progresses, more tools are unlocked, which means players should hard-focus on the main story if they want to get everything on offer.


bugsnax all tools snakpack

The Snakpack is the backpack you start the game with. The backpack can be upgraded, allowing you to hold more items.


bugsnax all tools snaxscope

The SnaxScope is your tool for learning more about the bugsnax, the Grumpuses, and solving the various mysteries of Snaktooth Island. This tool is given to you by Filbo at the start of the game.

Snak Trap

bugsnax all tools snak trap

After finding a bugsnak for Fiblo, he will give you the Snak Trap. If a bugsnak is too big, too quick, or even too small, it will not be able to catch them. What’s more, bugsnax can break out of it and it can be destroyed by fire.

Sauce Slinger

bugsnax all tools sauce slinger

The Sauce Slinger is one of the most important tools in Bugsnax. This tool lets you, as the name suggests, sling sauce. Certain bugsnax are attracted to certain sauces (or hate them) and using this to your advantage will let you catch or lead bugsnax to where you want them. The Sauce Slinger is unlocked as part of the quest, Bull Pen, and is vital in catching the Shishkabug and Bunger.

Bug Net

bugsnax all tools bug net

The Bug Net is the only other tool you can use to actually catch a bugsnak. The Snak Trap is great if you can get a bugsnak to walk into it, but sometimes you need to get up close and personal. The Bug Net is awarded as part of the quest, Burger Time. If a bugsnak is too big for your trap, use the Bug Net.


bugsnax all tools journal

The Journal is unlocked as part of the quest, Higher Learning. This quest is given out by Beffica right after you help Wambus and continue with Filbo on toward town. This is where all the important information is stored, including quests, scanned and captured bugsnax, your inventory, the map, and the tools you’ve unlocked.


bugsnax all tools snaktivator

The Snaktivator is unlocked when you get to Simmering Springs. A mystery Grumpus will get you to feed them a Strabby and then use the Snaktivator on their left foot as part of the quest, Mystery Grumpus. This device is used as a means to control limb transformation, allowing you to choose which part of the body gets transformed.

Buggy Ball

bugsnax all tools buggy ball

The Buggy Ball is unlocked as part of the quest, Have a Ball, which is given to you by Gramble in Simmering Springs. The Buggy Ball, which contains a little Strabby, is controlled via laser pointer. Remember to cover the Buggy Ball in sauce to lead bugsnax! This is useful when catching something like the Poptick.


bugsnax all tools lunchpad

The Lunchpad is unlocked after reaching the Scorched Gorge. Make your way around to the left and up to the area where a Grumpus called Cromdo is shouting to you. Cromdo will try to sell you a bridge and will then offer you the Lunchpad as part of the quest, Don Quixote. Aim the Lunchpad at the windmills and use the nearby rocks to clear them of the webs. To actually own the Lunchpad, you will need to catch three Cheepoofs and feed them to Cromdo as part of the quest, Caveat Emptor. The Lunchpad is vital in catching some flying bugsnax as well as for launching the Snak Trap to hard to reach places.


bugsnax all tools snakgrappler

The Snakgrappler tool is given to the player by Snorpy in Sugarpine Woods. This is part of the quest given by Chandlo called Get Hooked. The Snakgrappler is great at interacting with the terrain and fetching your traps from a distance.

Trip Shot

bugsnax all tools trip shot

The Trip Shot is one of the most important tools in Bugsnax. The reason for this is that it is essential in catching some of the bugsnax you may have seen early in the game but were unable to catch – such as the Cobhopper. The Trip Shot is unlocked as part of the quest Don’t Trip in Sugarpine Woods.

Unlocking all the tools in Bugsnax is as easy as following the main story. With all the tools unlocked, you will be able to catch every bugsnak in the game! Check out the Shacknews Bugsnax page for on this wild and quirky game from Young Horses.

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