How to catch a Poptick - Bugsnax

Discover the easiest way to catch a Poptick in Bugsnax for the quest, Pop Music, and where to find one.


Catching a Poptick in Bugsnax requires a bit of work, as they actually have two states. This is certainly a unique feature not found in many of the critters. For those that are following the main story, catching a Poptick or two will be a requirement, but it can be tough knowing where to find one and then how to catch one.

Where to find Popticks

where to find poptick bugsnax
Popticks are found in the Scorched Gorge. They are tiny bits of corn kernels, so they're easy to miss.

As part of the quest, Pop Music (that is given to the player at the Simmering Springs), the Grumpus singer extraordinaire known as Wiggle wants you to bring her two Popticks. She suggests this will help with her muse. Unfortunately, there are no Popticks to be found at this location, instead, you will need to venture to the Scorched Gorge, a location accessed via Snaxburg.

How to catch Popticks

Once you make your way to the Scorched Gorge, the next task will be actually catching a Poptick. These little corn kernels are too small for your trap and aren’t easily knocked out. However, there are some flaming critters nearby that you can use to transform the Poptick.

catch a poptick bugsnax
Cover the Poptick in hot sauce to anger the nearby Scorpenyo. Once the Poptick is hit by the fire, it will transform. Lead it away with some chococlate to catch it.

Find the hot sauce plant and grab a bunch. With the hot sauce in hand, use your Sauce Slinger to toss one on a Poptick when it’s near a Scorpenyo. This will enrage the Scorpenyo. If the Poptick is close enough, the Scorpenyo will start hurling fireballs at it, if one hits, the Poptick will pop and turn into a piece of popcorn.

Now that the Poptick has transformed, you can catch it using the Snak Trap. Place the trap down in the Poptick’s path and wait for it to walk in. If you scare it off, you’ll need to move away until it gets out of a bush. Keep in mind, the Snak Trap will also annoy the Scorpenyo, causing it to attack and destroy it. You can avoid this by placing the trap carefully or by distracting the Scorpenyo while you wait for the Poptick to mosey on into the trap. Another option is to cover Strabby in chocolate and lead the Poptick away from the Scorpenyo.

After catching the Poptick bugsnax, you can return to Wiggle and feed them to her, completing the quest, Pop Music. Swing by the Shacknews Bugsnax page for even more bug-catching tips!

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