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How to catch a Bunger - Bugsnax

The mighty Bunger isn't an easy one to catch in Bugsnax but with the right know-how you'll be capturing one in no time.


The Bunger is one of the first creatures players will encounter in Bugsnax. Unlike the previous bugsnax in the starting area, the Bunger requires a little bit more work to catch. For those that are struggling to catch a Bunger, we’ve laid out everything you need to know.

How to catch a Bunger

The Bunger is a burger-like bugsnax. This creature is first encountered after helping Filbo the Mayor and making it to the farmer, Wambus. The farmer will ask you to take care of the Bunger, who charges in and knocks Filbo away.

bugsnax bunger
The first time you discover a Bunger you must lead it into a pen. The next quest has you actually catching one with a net.

Catching a Bunger requires using the Sauce Slinger. The reason for this is that the Bunger likes to eat ketchup, which you must fling wherever you want the Bunger to go. At the start of the game, you must simply lead it into the little pen enclosures.

Start by plucking some ketchup off of the bush – there should be five that regrow over time. Pull out the Sauce Slinger and then aim for a spot where you want the Bunger to go. Aim in the pen and then shoot out some ketchup, the Bunger will smell the air and hop on over and into the enclosure.

catch bunger bugsnax
The Bunger loves ketchup. Sling some ketchup onto another Bunger to have the other charge at it, stunning it.

The next quest from Wambus, Burger Time, will have you actually capturing a Bunger, not just leading it into a corral. At this point you will receive a net that lets you run up to a stunned or vulnerable bugsnax and scoop it up. This is useful for those bugs, like the Bunger, that don’t fit in your Snak Trap.

To capture the Bunger, you will need to stun it. This can be done by having another Bunger charge at it. Use your Sauce Slinger to cover one Bunger with ketchup, this will cause the other Bunger to slam into it, stunning it. Run up to it and press the appropriate button to catch it.

The fact that Bungers chase after ketchup should be something you keep in the back of your mind. This little bit of information may help you catch other bugsnax, such as the timid Shishkabug that Wambus will have you capturing. Check out the Shacknews Bugsnax page for other critter-catching guides!

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