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How to catch a Shishkabug - Bugsnax

Start your journey in Bugsnax right by learning the easiest way to catch a Shishkabug.


As part of the quest, Pest Control, players will be tasked with catching a couple of Shishkabugs in Bugsnax. These ant-like creatures are rather timid, running to hide whenever the player gets near. Catching one for Wambus can be a bit tricky, but if you’ve been paying attention there are clues that might help you work out how to catch a Shishkabug.

How to catch a Shishkabug

Shiskabugs can be captured in the Snak Trap that Filbo gives the player at the start of the game. However, the trick is to actually get them out of wherever they may be hiding. For the quest, Pest Control, where Wambus wants to eat two Shishkabugs, there is a Bunger nearby that you can use to solve this puzzle.

catch a shishkabug hiding Bugsnax
To get a Shishkabug out of a bush where it's hiding, us a Bunger to knock it out. Once it's running around, you can catch it.

Move to where the Shishkabug is patrolling and put down your Snak Trap. The Shishkabug should run away and hide in the nearest bush. Take out your Sauce Slinger and shoot some ketchup on the bush and then quickly switch back to the Snak Trap. The nearby Bunger should run at the bush, knocking the Shishkabug out. As the Shishkabug runs through your trap to the other bush, catch it!

Whenever you want to capture a Shishkabug in Bugsnax, you will likely need to use the above method. It’s also worth remembering this lesson, that some bugsnak creatures can be used to attack other little critters. This will be a common trick in capturing some of the more deviously challenging bugsnax.

The little Shishkabug can prove to be a difficult creature to catch in Bugsnax. But if you can get this one right, you’ll be well on your way to collecting every bugsnak on offer in this strange and wonderful world. Take a moment to look over the Shacknews Bugsnax page for even more critter-catching guides.

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