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PS5 PlayStation Camera adapter requests for PSVR are now open

PSVR games will be supported on PS5, but you're going to need an extra component to connect your headset and requests for that component are now open.


Backwards compatibility has been a hot button issue for anybody looking to make the jump to the next generation of consoles. It's been a particularly hairy one for PS4 owners who have adopted the PlayStation VR peripheral. It took a while for the PlayStation team to acknowledge how PSVR will work going forward, but they eventually revealed that PSVR could be used on PS5... provided that users owned a special PlayStation Camera adapter. If you're among the PSVR owners in need of such an adapter, the time for you to act is now.

Reservations for the PlayStation Camera adapter that slots into the PS5 are now open on the PlayStation website. The adapter slots into the back of the console and allows for the current PSVR peripheral, PlayStation Move, and PlayStation VR aim controllers to work on the PlayStation 5. Some might point out that there's a PS5 HD camera on the way, but the PlayStation Camera adapter FAQ explicitly notes that this will not work with PSVR. PSVR owners must use the PlayStation Camera released with the PlayStation 4. Be sure to have your PSVR serial number handy, because it's required when making the request for the camera adapter.

A majority of the existing PSVR library will be playable on PS5, including Marvel's Iron Man VR, Vader Immortal, The Walking Dead: Onslaught, Firewall Zero Hour, Superhot VR, and more. Games with PSVR features integrated, such as Dreams, Tetris Effect, Minecraft, and others will also be playable on Sony's new console. And don't think the PSVR train has come to a close. As that trailer above indicates, Hitman 3 is coming with full PSVR support.

The PlayStation 5 arrives on November 12. Everything you need to know to get one is in our PS5 pre-order guide. Best of luck in getting one and keep it on Shacknews for the latest next-gen console news.

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