Hitman 3 will be fully playable for PS VR

Hitman 3 is still set to land in January and if you're looking to get a first-person look at Agent 47, the whole thing will be playable with PlayStation VR.


Thursday's PlayStation State of Play presentation continued with a new look at the next effort from IO Interactive. Players got to take an extended first look at the upcoming Hitman 3. And it's one that should grab the attention of both Hitman fans and VR enthusiasts. That's because the entirety of the Hitman 3 experience will be playable on PlayStation VR.

Agent 47 could be seen wandering into a fancy gala. After starting off with a martini, the assassin casually snuck into a high-end bathroom and dispatched his target with telephone wire. Where he hid the body? That's up to everybody's imagination.

Hitman 3 was first revealed for PlayStation 5 back in June. The game is being billed as the final chapter of the World of Assassination trilogy. It promises to take players into new sandbox locations, give Agent 47 a slew of new targets, and offer creative new ways to dispatch those targets. It won't be an easy journey, as 47 and his partner, Lucas Grey, will eventually have to adjust, as the partners of Providence become wise to their presence. Developer IO Interactive will also look to take advantage of some of the new technology afforded to them by the next generation of gaming consoles.

Hitman 3 is set to release in January on PlayStation 5. And yes, it will be fully playable in PlayStation VR, as will the rest of the Hitman trilogy. Remember that according to the Hitman website, Hitman 3 will include a feature that allows players to fully import locations from the previous two Hitman games, which will make this endeavor possible. They'll also be able to bring their Hitman 2 progression along with them. Agent 47's next adventure is also set to release on Xbox Series X, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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