Temtem console early access comes exclusively to PS5 in December

Temtem's early access is about to go beyond PC, as PS5 owners can pick it up early starting in December.


Developer Crema has been hard at work on development for monster-collector Temtem in hopes of having it ready for its big 1.0 release next year. PC players have been along for the ride for its full stint on Steam Early Access, but now Humble Games and Crema are looking to expand the game's pre-release reach. Temtem early access will now venture into consoles and will do exclusively on the PlayStation 5.

Temtem Game Director Guillermo Andrades goes into more detail regarding the PS5's upcoming early access over on PlayStation.Blog. Here he notes that four of the game's six islands are playable, the campaign currently sits at over 30 hours, the story's fully playable with a friend through online co-op, and over 100 unique Temtems are available to catch. Everything featured in the PC version to this point, including housing, fishing, online battles, and anything else already checked off the 2020 roadmap will be available in the PS5 version. The PC version just launched its 0.6.12 patch, which introduced the fishing feature and some economy updates, all of which is expected to make it into the PS5 version. On top of that, players can expect the full next-gen console experience, which includes no loading times when venturing through neighborhoods and houses.

While Temtem is an unfinished product, Crema hopes to incentivize players to get in on the action early by offering a lower early adoption price. The game's standard edition will sell for $39.99 USD, while the deluxe edition goes for $59.99 USD during the early access period. The full price will jump by $5 USD for each version once the game hits 1.0, which is estimated to be around Spring 2021.

Next year looks to be a big one for Temtem and now PS5 owners can get in on the ground floor. The PS5 early access version will launch on December 8. It's also available on PC through Steam Early Access. Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch owners will have to wait a while for their versions of the game. They'll get Temtem when it hits version 1.0.

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