Temtem update 0.6.9 patch notes adds housing, two new areas

Temtem is putting a roof over your head in the 0.6.9 patch, the Housing update.


Catching collectible creatures can be a draining process. Sometimes, you just want to catch whatever you find and just head straight home. But if there's one thing that Pokemon and Pokemon-like games have been missing, it's the option to even have a home. Fortunately, Temtem has realized the importance of a roof over your head and has added housing with its latest update.

Let's take a brief look at the Temtem 0.6.9 patch notes for some more information:

  • The Housing system has arrived.
    • You can now own and decorate your own house on Atoll Row. In order to get a house, you need to do a quest and pay a fee for the terrain. The quest can be started at Coral Plaza in Omninesia.
    • Everyone can now explore Atoll Row, and visit the homes of other Tamers. Instead of having an instantiated housing system, where players would travel to their own house, Atoll Row is an endless array of neighborhoods. You can walk the infinity of Atoll Row and every single player house will be there, without any loadings or wait times.
    • Furniture stores located in the current four available areas have opened their doors. You can now visit them and buy furniture for your house decoration needs.

As stated in the patch notes, Atoll Row is now open for player housing. Players simply need to track down Salamasina and complete a quest before moving in. Once your house is in place, you're welcome to decorate it as you wish. And once you're in the neighborhood, you're welcome to visit your friends at your leisure. Housing decorations are available throughout the world.

After settling in, players can explore two new playable areas. The Kilima Range is a snowy tundra filled with snow and ice crystals. It also houses a path to the other new playable area, the Barafu Glacier. This area is an even more frigid locale, but one that's worth journeying to, since it contains Temtem like Yowlar and Momo.

The latest Temtem update brings developer Crema closer to catching up to its 2020 roadmap. The team had previously acknowledged that they had fallen behind due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. The developer hopes to continue rolling out the rest of its planned 2020 content, including the all-new Cipanku island, though plans are subject to change.

More information on today's update is available through the aforementioned patch notes, as well as through the Crema website. Temtem is available now on Steam Early Access. It's set to go 1.0 next year, at which point the game will also release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

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