Temtem's Kisiwa update hopes to catch up with 2020 roadmap in July

Temtem has hit some unexpected setbacks, but hopes to catch up with its projected 2020 roadmap with July's Kisiwa update.


Earlier this year, developer Crema had outlined its 2020 roadmap for creature collecting MMORPG Temtem. The world, specifically COVID-19, looks to have thrown those plans for a loop. But while a handful of the planned Spring 2020 features, including chat, haven't made their projected release window, Crema is ready to catch up around July with the upcoming Kisiwa update.

The Temtem team went into detail on some of the unexpected obstacles they've encountered on the Crema website:

Temtem Kisiwa

While Temtem managed to roll out Ranked Matchmaking and Spectator Mode back in April, the in-game chat was a largely-requested feature that wasn't able to make its projected Spring launch. Instead, it looks like chat will roll out along with Kisiwa. For the unaware, Kisiwa is the game's newest island, which is set to debut alongside 25 brand new Temtem.

Other plans for Summer 2020 include player housing, new gear, and new emotes. Whether that also gets pushed back to the continuing spread of COVID-19 remains to be seen. Crema hopes to keep things on track, as there's another island, the island of Cipanku, and the first ever Mythical Temtem projected for this fall.

Temtem is currently on Steam Early Access. The upcoming Kisawa update will be free to all players. Those waiting for a full release should expect to see it around 2021.

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