Temtem update 0.6.12 patch notes adjusts economy, goes fishing

Take a break from catching Temtem and relax with your new fishing pole with the latest 0.6.12 update.


After a hard day of catching collectible creatures, you might just want to take some time to relax. You might want to take a break and just go fishing. As part of Temtem's continuing path through early access, the team at Crema is now adding a fishing feature. Because many Temtems can swim, you know. Fishing will be added with the upcoming 0.6.12 patch, which will also address the Temtem economy.

With the next Temtem patch, players can wander over to the Nuru Lodge in Kisiwa and find a new item: the Fishing Rod. The Fishing Rod can be used in any body of water where Temtem can spawn. However, you won't just find standard Temtem through fishing. Developer Crema is introducing a whole new Temtem species called Koish. Koish will come in 12 different varities and many of them will have their own unique mutations. Crema is boasting that Koish will generate over 10,000 different combinations. Players can catch Koish for their collection or as part of a special weekly activity in which the Nuru Lodge asks for a specific Koish variety.

This next Temtem update will also feature new ways to earn pansuns and help line the player's pocket. The first way will be to take on Dojo Leaders, who are now open for rematches. The Dojo Leaders will bring along new team configurations and will also utilize the competitive ruleset that includes picks and bans. Their Temtem are also scaled to the player's cap, so be ready for a fight. The monetary pansun reward will be worth it.

If players want to earn even more pansuns, they can hit up the Postal Service in Uhuru. Deliver packages to NPCs around the world and the Postal Service will pay a decent sum. Players can make up to three deliveries per day.

Other changes include the addition of new Loot Pools, new Temtem radars, wishing wells, and more. You can learn more about what's coming to Temtem on the Crema website or browse through the Temtem 0.6.12 patch notes. Temtem is available now on Steam Early Access. Its full release is coming in 2021, at which point the game will also come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

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