Interference: Clear the Air Triumph - Destiny 2

Savathun's mysterious Supplicant has arrived, which means the Interference: Clear the Air Triumph can now be claimed in Destiny 2.


The Triumph, Interference: Clear the Air, is now available to unlock in Destiny 2. This Triumph, which is required in getting the Forerunner Title, requires players kill Savathun’s mysterious Supplicant. After a long wait, the Supplicant can finally be found and defeated.

Interference: Clear the Air

The Interference: Clear the Air Triumph can now be unlocked by completing the weekly quest, Means to an End. Once this is completed, you will need to fight through the Interference mission, as you’ve done in previous weeks. The difference is that this time you will be taking down none other than Nokris, who is in fact Savathun’s mysterious Supplicant.

savathuns mysterious supplicant destiny 2
It turns out Nokris is Savathun's mysterious Supplicant.

Most of the Interference mission is the same. Fight up and past the tree where Eris usually waits. You will eventually be teleported to the Ascendant Realm, specifically, the shattered Court of Oryx. It’s here you will have to fight Nokris. This is a boss battle that has a couple of mechanics you may remember from the Strike, Strange Terrain.

destiny 2 interference nokris crystals
Grab the charges the Knights drop and throw them at the crystals. Some of the crystals spawn in hard-to-reach places.

Defeat Savathun’s Envoys to cause two Ascendant Knights to spawn called Ugul Gar Knights. These Knights drop charges when defeated. Pick up these charges and throw them at the crystals that are powering Nokris’s shields. As the fight progresses, more crystals will appear.

The Envoys of Savathun increase in difficulty, from Wizards, to Knights, to Ogres. Use Power weapons or Supers to burst them down if you’re struggling.

Whenever you break a crystal, Nokris will lose his immunity shield. As his shield goes down, throw whatever you’ve got at him. The shield is tied to his health, so when his health dips down another percentage, the shield will come back up.

interference clear the air triumph destiny 2
When Nokris dies, you will receive the Triumph, Interference: Clear the Air.

When Nokris dies, you will receive the Triumph, Interference: Clear the Air. Make sure you have the other Season of Arrivals Triumphs so you can unlock the Forerunner Title. With Savathun’s mysterious Supplicant defeated, you can focus on whatever tasks lie ahead of you before the season ends. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more coverage, including a list of everything leaving Destiny 2 with Beyond Light.

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