Silent Hill 4: The Room is Konami's latest addition to

Following other Konami classics, the divisive Silent Hill 4: The Room is the latest game to come to GOG from the company.


Konami is making some rather interesting moves in gaming as of late. In software and hardware, Konami has shown quite a bit more interest in getting involved where it has been absent for quite some time. It continued this week with the release of another from its classic catalogue in the form of Silent Hill 4: The Room on

Silent Hill 4: The Room appeared in the online store as of October 2, 2020. Perhaps one of the most divisive games in the series, Silent Hill 4 has its fans for how different the game was from its predecessors. It also has its critics for the same reason. Even so, it was the last game released by the original Team Silent before the Konami placed the series in the hands of other developers and created much more maligned titles such as Silent Hill: Homecoming. Silent Hill 4: The Room follows another slate of Konami games released on GOG which included a batch of Metal Gear games.

The launch of Silent Hill 4: The Room comes at a very interesting time for Konami. Rumors have been swirling about over the course of 2020 about Konami getting key members of the original Team Silent back together to create a reboot of the original Silent Hill for PS5. While a sudden launch of Silent Hill 4: The Room on GOG in no way substantiates that rumor, it’s nice to continue to see Konami show love for their marquee franchise. It’s not the only love too. We also recently saw Silent Hill make an appearance in fellow horror-themed game Dead by Daylight, which just recently added cosmetics of Cybil Bennett from the first Silent Hill.

Either way, if you’re a fan of the rather creepy and iconic Silent Hill 4: The Room, or you haven’t played it before, it’s available now on GOG, DRM-free for just $10.

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