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Shacknews Twitch Highlights: Quakeholio, Madden 21, Ghost of Tsushima and Star Fox!

Get your eyeballs over here, because it's time to watch another hilarious Shacknews Twitch Highlights reel!


Streaming and Shacknews are two things that complement one another perfectly. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate, only this time it’s a delight for your ears and eyes. In this week’s Shacknews Twitch Highlights, we get to see the absolute thrashing dished out by discoRyne in the Great Quakeholio Tournament 3, the rise of Chugsland in The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores, as well as Chatty’s own skankcore racing through F-Zero X and Star Fox 64!

Things kick off rather quickly with highlights from the Great Quakeholio Tournament 3 that happened over the weekend of August 22. Some of the skill on display here is scary, and that’s evident in Shacknews CEO Asif Khan’s concern leading into the boss battle against discoRyne. The legend was absolutely unstoppable, earning a 50-kill victory in one match with the closest score a measly 10.

Then we get to shift gears to something a little more laid back with our own TJ Denzer. As part of the Indie-licious ShackStream, TJ played The Bonefire 2: Uncharted Shores. With only a few villages to their name, the player must build a civilization from scratch in Bonfire 2. In this highlight reel, we get to see the beginnings of Chugsland, including the ferocious hunters that use nothing but their fists to kill wolves and a horrifying chupacabra.

We’ve also got some highlights from Blake Morse’s time with Ghost of Tsushima and Chris Jarrad gives us a look at Madden 21 and why it’s one of the worst entries in the Madden franchise to date.

To round it all off, we have skankcore’s Nintendo 64 game playthrough. This session he’s putting some time into the lightning-fast F-Zero X (which is due for a sequel, surely) and the N64 classic, Star Fox (or Lylat Wars for those in PAL regions).

As always, these Shacknews streams wouldn’t be possible without your ongoing support. It’s the community that helps keep the passion alive. If you’ve got an Amazon Prime account, make sure you link it to your Twitch account, that way you can throw Shacknews your monthly free sub to help keep the lights on. It’s greatly appreciated. You can also check out other hot moments on the Shacknews Twitch Highlights page.

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