K/DA 'The Baddest' single launches from League of Legends virtual pop group

The much anticipated follow up track to the popular 2018 POP/STARS single has launched. Check out League of Legends virtual pop group K/DA's 'The Baddest' single.


League of Legends and K-pop fans have been abuzz since we recently learned that Riot would be following up with virtual pop group K/DA and a new single to follow its fantastic hit, POP/STARs from 2018. The follow-up was recently teased by League of Legends and now new K/DA single The Baddest is out on the airwaves with a new music video to go with it.

League of Legends launched K/DA’s The Baddest single on the game’s YouTube channel on August 27, 2020. While musical artists Miyeon and Soyeon of (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller, and Wolftyla provide the vocals, the music video brings back the pop stylized versions of in-game champions Ahri, Evelynn, Akai, and Kai’Sa in full and fashionable form to deliver The Baddest. The result is a cornucopia of good vocals and visuals set to an entrancing beat. In addition to put up the music video on YouTube, the single itself is also available for download and streaming via several different platforms including YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music. Check out the full music video below.

K/DA’s debut single POP/STARS swept the music scene when it launched at the Worlds 2018 League of Legends championship series. Since then, it has reached the top of Billboard song sales charts and even made its way over to Beat Saber.

With the launch of The Baddest, League of Legends and K/DA are gearing up to release an EP later in 2020 that will feature The Baddest on it. Additionally, new music from other virtual League of Legends music groups will be incorporated, including True Damage, Pentakill, and DJ Sona.

Details on the collection, when it launches, and how fans can listen will be available at a later date as well. As we await, stay tuned for more updates on K/DA, The Baddest single, and other League of Legends news.

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