K/DA Pop/Stars is now available in Beat Saber

League of Legends hit track Pop/Stars from fictionary group K/DA is now playable in VR sensation Beat Saber.


One of the best ways to introduce interesting new content into a video game is too look at exciting offerings from other other video games and game developers. It appears this is a notion followed by the crew at Beat Games, who have recently joined up with League of Legends developer Riot Games to introduce the game's K/DA track Pop/Stars as a playable song within VR sensation Beat Saber.

This news was introduced over on Twitter, where both the League of Legends EU Twitter account as well as the Beat Saber account posted new teasers about the game's latest crossover, including a short video showcasing Madison Beer performing as K/DA's own front lady Evelynn.

According to both of the announcement tweets, Beat Saber fans can find K/DA's Pop/Star in the VR game starting today. Even better, the official League of Legends website gives players a little bit of flavor text to help set the mood for Akali, Ahri, Kai'Sa, and Evelynn's popular audiovisual trip:

"The track’s bass notes thump with the force of a dancer’s heartbeat. Neon lights flash, casting dream-like colours into the darkness. Your focus narrows as airborne cubes speed toward you, inviting the swipe of your dual-wielded laser sabers. The experience is part futuristic battle simulation, part K-pop dance rehearsal."

K/DA's massively popular track Pop/Star is available in Beat Saber right now, having been formally released as a free bonus as of December 21. As usual, players can duke it out for high scores and the top spot among their local leaderboards. To stay on top of the latest crossover news or to stay fresh on interesting developments from Beat Games, be sure to head over to Shacknews' Beat Saber homepage.

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