K/DA's "POP/STARS" tops Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart

People all over the world are boppin' to this K/DA banger.


The fictional K-pop group's single "POP/STARS" has topped Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart, which is absolutely amazing when you consider it's a recording attributed to a group that doesn't even exist in real life.

The K/DA song is currently sitting atop popular Korean artists EXO and BTS at the top of the song chart, which is a crazy accomplishment 

K/DA consists of "members" Akali, Ahri, Kai'Sa, and EvelynnK, but they're brought to life with the help of real-world K-pop singers Jaira Burns, (G)I-DLE, and Madison Beer. An animated music video debuted during this year's annual League of Legends world championships as the real stars took the stage with holograms of their K/DA alter egos.

Ever since the immensely catchy song debuted, it seems like it's been reaching just about everyone with its amazing visuals, memorable lyrics, and amazing pop stars themselves. Just in case you haven't heard it, check it out above to jump on the bandwagon. And if you want to learn how to sing along, we've got you covered on that, too. Check out the official lyrics with an English translation so you can figure out what you're actually saying.

Check out the live performance too, just in case you're still iffy on whether or not you're ready to become a K/DA stan. 

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