Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout August 20 update brings Valve costumes to PS4 & more

If you were looking to dress up like Half-Life's Alyx Vance or Team Fortress 2's Scout on the PS4 version of the Fall Guys, a new update brought this and more to the game today.


Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is not only knocking it out of the park as far as a successful launch goes for an indie game, but it’s also hitting homeruns when it comes to the crossover skin game right out of the gate. We’ve see a number of crossover goodies including Half-Life, Team Fortress 2, and the Gungeon series skins come to the game, but some of those were PC exclusive. Not anymore, though. A new update to Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout will allow players to dress up like Half-Life’s heroes and Team Fortress’s Scout on PS4 starting today.

Developer Mediatonic announced its latest changes and additions to Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout on the game’s Twitter on August 20, 2020. At the topline is that all of the Valve Fall Guys crossover skins that have been out on PC are now coming to PS4. That means PS4 players will now be able to dress themselves up as PC pre-order skin Gordon Freeman (complete with a Headcrab), as well as Alyx Vance from Half-Life. They also be able to pick up the recently announced Team Fortress 2 Scout skin. The rest of the new Fall Guys changes can be seen below.

Fall Guys has been regularly killing it with its skin game. In addition to the wealth of original content that you can earn through the Fall Guys season or purchase from the in-game store with earnable or premium currency, Fall Guys has had stuff like the above Valve skins, as well a crossover Bulletkin skin with fellow Develover Digital game Enter/Exit the Gungeon. Even right now, Fall Guys is hosting a “Battle of the Brands” donation auction for the Special Effect charity in which the highest auction will donate to the charity and get a skin in the game.

The other changes to Fall Guys are pretty good too, and much requested by the community, but we’ll never shy away from the chance to play more games as the Team Fortress 2 Scout or Half-Life’s Alyx Vance. Stay tuned for more on Fall Guys updates and changes, as well as the ongoing charity auction.

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