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Where to find all the BTU, Ominent Logs, Personal Logs, and Strange Notes in Grounded.


There are several audio tapes and logs for players to collect in Grounded. These logs include the BTU tapes, Ominent Logs, Personal Logs, and even Strange Notes. Players that want to get as much of the background story and lore as possible will want to find all of these logs, which will require a bit of exploring.

All audio logs and tapes

Hidden around the yard in Grounded are several audio logs. These tapes contain recordings from key characters in Grounded, with a main focus on Dr. Wendel Tully and BURG.L. Finding the audio logs is going to take a lot of exploring, as most of them are in field stations and labs, which are in the far corners of the backyard.

BTU 01

BTU 01 is found inside the oak lab. To access this area, you will need to progress through the campaign to the point where you power up the mysterious machine. It will blow a hole in the oak tree, allowing you access. Follow the stairs down into the room with the cone that contains raw science floating. The BTU tape is on the desk nearby.

BTU 01 Grounded

BTU 02

BTU 02 is found in the oak lab, in the dark room opposite BURG.L. It’s sitting on a set of drawers beside an Erlenmeyer flask. You can also find one of the BURG.L chips near here.

BTU 02 Grounded

BTU 03

BTU 03 is in the field station in the hedges, to the south of the yard. This is in the southwest of the yard. To reach the field station, find the stick that is leaning up against the berry bush. Climb into the field station to find the BTU on the table – there might even be some granola bars here.

BTU 03 Grounded

Ominent Log 01

Ominent Log 01 is in the field station to the east of the east laser. It is on top of the set of drawers. This field station may be surrounded by stinkbugs, so you should prepare for a fight or at least wear a gask mask.

Ominent Log 01 Grounded

Ominent Log 02

Ominent Log 02 is in the field station to the west of the oak lab. This one is tucked just beside the wooden log wall.

Ominent Log 02 Grounded

Ominent Log 03

Ominent Log 03 is found inside the hedge lab habitat at the highest point, on a table. To get inside, you will need to jump from some fungus on the tree, through a broken window. 

Because it is so high up, and there’s the likelihood of falling, make sure you have a dandelion equipped in case you fall. It’s actually easy to walk-jump through the hole instead of sprint-jumping.

Ominent Log 03 broken window Grounded
When wearing Aphid slippers, it's easy enough to just walk and jump through, no sprint-jump required.

Personal Log 01

Personal Log 01 is in the field station in the south of the yard, near the large tree branch.

Personal Log 01 Grounded

Personal Log 02

Personal Log 02 is in the field station just south of the eastern laser. There is also a Chop Can site nearby. The log is on the ground, below the analysis machine.

Personal Log 02 Grounded

Personal Log 03

Personal Log 03 is in the field station in a cave to the east of the oak lab and northeast of the eastern laser. The cave itself is in Spade Valley, with an entrance blocked by acorns. Head down into the tunnel to come across some raw science and the field station. Personal Log 03 is on the table beside the computer.

Personal Log 03 Grounded

Personal Log 04

Found inside the haze lab. Currently unavailable.

Strange Note 01

Strange Note 01 is found in a little station above the hedge lab habitat, which is in the southeast of the yard. To reach this, the best place to start is on the ground below the habitat.

Strange Note 01 location Grounded
Strange Note 01 location Grounded

There is a fungal growth on the tree that can be used as jumping blocks to reach the habitat. At the highest point, you will need to sprint-jump to get on top of the habitat tube. From here, climb up to the highest point in the habitat using the branches.

Strange Note 01 Grounded

The alternative route (which may be the main option for most) is to start further down south, near the field station. From here, you can work your way up, following the power cable along, and passing the bird bath. You will eventually reach the hedge lab. Climb to the top of the hedge lab, and use the branches to work your way toward the yard wall. You should hopefully be able to see the light from the door as you climb.

Strange Note 02

Strange Note 02 is inside the haze lab, in the southwest of the yard. This area is covered in insecticide, so you will need to kill stinkbugs to make a gas mask if you want to survive the poison. Unfortunately, this area is currently unavailable.

There are a heap of audio logs to find in Grounded. Because the game is still in Early Access and Game Preview, this list of logs and tapes is bound to expand over time. Keep checking back with us as we continue to track down and document all the collectibles in Grounded. Swing by the Shacknews Grounded page for more helpful guides.

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