Where to find stinkbugs - Grounded

Learn the best location to farm stinkbugs in Grounded for better gear.


Stinkbugs are one of the many threats to the tiny characters in Grounded. But as the players grow stronger and become better defended, the tables will turn and soon they’ll be trying to find stinkbugs. While bug spawns are somewhat random, there are key locations where you might find stinkbugs with greater ease.

Stinkbug spawn locations

There are a few key places around the map where stinkbugs can be found. However, as with all bugs being random spawns, actually finding them can be tough. If you’re struggling to track down any stinkbugs for upgrades, consider searching the following locations.

  • East of the oak lab
  • North of the pond
  • South by the rake
  • West by the broken ground
stinkbug locations grounded
Stinkbugs can spawn just about anywhere in Grounded, but they've been spotted in the above locations.

One of the best spots to find stinkbugs in Grounded is right near the oak lab. For a lot of players, the first base they build will likely be close to this for quick access to BURG.L when you find the BURG.L chips. From the lab, head east along the southern side of the wooden wall (opposite the rose bushes). The stinkbugs are often near some orb weaver spiders.

Another good spot, for those that don’t mind a bit of a trek, is right near the rake in the south. This rake has a lot of dangers around it though, so prepare for a bit of a fight.

Alternatively, there are stinkbugs to be found in the west, toward the hedge (where several SCA.B schemes are found).

In terms of actually fighting stinkbugs, it can be a good idea to build the gas mask helmet. This helmet will protect you from all gas-based attacks and effects, which includes stinkbug farts. By wearing the gas mask, you will be far better equipped at killing them quickly without losing a lot of health.

There are quite a few locations where stinkbugs will spawn in Grounded. Depending on your level of expertise, and how far you’re willing to travel, some of the best places are east of the oak lab and down by the rake. Check out the Shacknews Grounded page for more helpful tips.

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