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A table of all armor in Grounded, including buffs, materials needed to craft them, and how to get all armor recipes.


There are several different armor sets to unlock in Grounded. Each set of armor offers a unique buff that will affect the player in some way. The only trouble with acquiring all the armor is actually knowing how to craft each set and figuring out where to find the recipes in the first place.

All armor and perks

all armor grounded
The Rotten Bee armor is one of the many sets of armor in Grounded, featuring unique perks.

As Grounded continues to expand, so too will the number of armor sets to craft. Below you will find a table containing all armor sets players can currently unlock and craft in-game. Also included is each individual piece's effect as well as the set bonus buff, which you get by wearing a full set of armor. You will also see how to unlock the recipe to make the armor.

Armor Materials Effect How to get recipe
Aphid Slippers
  • 2x Raw Aphid Meat
  • 10x Mite Fuzz
The Quickness: Run faster Analyze Aphid Meat.
  • 1x Woven Fiber
  • 2x Fiber Bandage
  • 1x Sap
Attack: Attacks do more damage Analyze Woven Fiber.
Mite Hat
  • 5x Mite Fuzz
  • 5x Grub Hide
Hyperstamina: Regain stamina faster Find Mite Fuzz.
Gas Mask
  • 1x Weevil Nose
  • 4x Gnat Fuzz
  • 2x Woven Fiber
  • 1x Stinkbug Part
Gas Guard: Prevents damage from all gas-based attacks and effects Analyze Stinkbug Gas Sack, Weevil Nose, or find Stunkbug Part.
Marksman's Cap
  • 3x Crow Feather Piece
  • 5x Berry Leather
  • 5x Spider Web
+Bow Attack: Increases bow damage
Clover Armor
Clover Hood
  • 4x Clover Leaf
  • 1x Woven Fiber

Fuller: Stay full longer

Moist: Thirst takes longer to deplete.

Analyze Clover Leaf.
Clover Poncho
  • 6x Clover Leaf
  • 3x Woven Fiber
Clover Shin Guards
  • 3x Clover Leaf
  • 2x Woven Fiber
  • 3x Sprig
Acorn Armor
Acorn Face Mask
  • 1x Acorn Shell
  • 5x Mite Fuzz
  • 3x Woven Fiber

Max Health: More max health

Uncrackable: Unknown

Analyze Acorn Shell.
Acorn Chestplate
  • 3x Acorn Shell
  • 6x Clover Leaf
  • 4x Woven Fiber
Acron Leg Plates
  • 2x Acorn Shell
  • 4x Sap
  • 4x Woven Fiber
Ant Armor
Ant Helmet
  • 1x Ant Head
  • 3x Ant Part
  • 5x Mite Fuzz

Hauling Strength: Increases how much you can haul

HumAnt: Ants don't attack you.

Pick up Ant Part.
Ant Arm Guards
  • 5x Ant Part
  • 2x Acid Gland
  • 2x Mite Fuzz
Ant Knee Guards
  • 6x Ant Part
  • 2x Woven Fiber
  • 4x Mite Fuzz
Grub Armor
Grub Goggles
  • 3x Grub Hide
  • 1x Raw Weevil Meat

Max Stamina: More max stamina

Plump & Juicy: Unknown

Analyze Grub Hide.
Grub Vest
  • 5x Grube Hide
  • 2x Grub Goop
  • 4x Dry Grass Chunk
Grub Leggings
  • 4x Grub Hide
  • 4x Gry Grass Chunk
  • 2x Mite Fuzz
Ladybug Armor
Ladybug Faceplate
  • 1x Ladybug Head
  • 2x Ladybug Part
  • 3x Berry Leather

Blocking Strength: Increases the amount of hits you can block before getting stunned

Scarlet Embrace: Regenerate health.

Analyze Berry Leath or find Ladybug Part.
Ladybug Chestplate
  • 2x Flower Petal
  • 4x Ladybug Part
  • 4x Berry Leather
Ladybug Shin Guards
  • 4x Ladybug Part
  • 4x Berry Leather
  • 4x Flower Petal
Spider Armor
Spider Hood
  • 2x Spider Fang
  • 3x Spider Chunk
  • 2x Berry Leather

Hyperstamina: Regain stamina faster

Hunter's Prowess: Unknown

Find and analyze Spider Chunk
Spider Shoulder Guard
  • 5x Spider Chunk
  • 3x Berry Leather
  • 4x Spider Silk
Spider Knee Pads
  • 4x Spider Chunk
  • 4x Spider Silk
  • 2x Berry Leather
Rotten Bee Armor
Rotten Bee Face Mask

Sprint Distance: Reduces the stamina cost of sprinting

Fuzzy Cushion: Unknown

There is currently no recipe to make bee armor. The rotten version is found in the western anthill.
Rotten Bee Shoulder Pads
Rotten Bee Shin Guards

Finding armor recipes, crafting armor, and wearing armor is vital to your survival in Grounded. Each armor set has its own purpose, so choosing the right one for the job is also important. Make sure you spend some time on the Shacknews Grounded page, it’s where we’ve crafted a whole lot of helpful guides.

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