Where to find bee armor - Grounded

Even though the first bee armor you find in Grounded is rotten, it's still worth collecting for the effects.


There is a lot of armor to make in Grounded and one of the best is bee armor. Players are able to find a full set of bee armor (though it is rotten) and it only requires them to explore an anthill full of dangerous soldier ants! Thankfully, the parts are easy enough to find and there is a trick to make the soldier ants your friends.

Bee armor location

bee armor map grounded
The anthill is in the west. If you manage to find the rake, follow the handle in a straight line to reach the anthill.

The bee armor is found inside the anthill, a location that is to the northwest of the baseball at the start of the game. This anthill is in the west, and is full of soldier ants. Before you go exploring, it is well advised that you make ant armor. By wearing this armor, soldier ants will think you are an ant and will not attack you (unless you hit them).

You should also craft a couple of torches, as the anthill caves and tunnels are pitch black, save for some rooms that have slime mold on the wall.

bee armor grounded
The bee armor in Grounded increases how far you can sprint by reducing the stamina cost.

The bee armor is actually rotten, and split up into three parts: face mask, shin guards, and shoulder pads. These three parts are hidden throughout the anthill and will take some effort to find. You can also find a BURG.L chip and a SCA.B in the anthill, too.

Rotten bee armor: Face mask

Enter the anthill and stick to the right-hand path (pretend your character’s right shoulder is rubbing against the wall). You will pass through one cavern with roots growing through it and then enter a small tunnel. The next cavern will have a little ledge up to the right and there will be some glowing mold on your left.

rotten bee face mask location grounded
Find the cavern with a ledge running along the side. The face mask is up on the ledge.

To get up to the ledge, follow it along to the back wall and jump up. There may be a quartzite rock sticking out of the wall. The skeleton is on the ground and has the face mask.

bee armor grounded
The face mask is by the skeleton on the ledge.

Rotten bee armor: Shin guards

The rotten bee shin guards are found in the cavern with the hole in the ground. To reach this point, you can either go from the bee face mask and stick to the right-hand path or, starting at the entrance of the anthill, stick to the left-hand wall and follow it down to the water. Swim through the water and stick left, you will eventually reach the cavern with the hole in the ground. The shin guards are along the side of the room.

rotten bee armor shin guards grounded
The shin guards for the bee armor are in the room with the hole that leads to the next part.

Rotten bee armor: Shoulder pads

The rotten bee shoulder pads are found by dropping down the hole in the room with the shin guards. Alternatively, you can start at the entrance of the anthill and stick to the left-hand side. Swim through the water and as you emerge, follow the path up to an open cavern – the hole in the ground will be on your left.

rotten bee armor shoulder pads hole room grounded
Find the cavern room with the hole in the floor. Drop down the hole to find the room that has the bee armor shoulder pads.

Drop down the hole to find yourself in a room with some nectar and hot dog bits. The Rotten bee shoulder pads are in the corner on a skeleton. This room also has a BURG.L chip for you to collect.

rotten bee armor shoulder pads location grounded

The YouTuber FireSpark81 has a pretty nifty video showcasing how to reach these parts. You can see it below.

Even though it is technically rotten, the bee armor is still worth finding in Grounded. Just make sure you craft some ant armor, else the soldier ants will make it far more difficult than it has to be. Swing by the Shacknews Grounded page afterwards for even more helpful guides.

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