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All BURG.L chip locations - Grounded

Find all the BURG.L chips to unlock new recipes to purchase in Grounded.


BURG.L chips are little research cards hidden in various locations in Grounded. Players that want to collect everything in the game, as well as unlock new recipes, will need to hunt these down.

Last updated on September 4, 2020 at 4:00 a.m. PT.

BURG.L chips locations

BURG.L is a valuable little robot in Grounded. This ex-patty flipper offers quests that reward raw science as well as the Tech Chip Swap Shop, a store that sells new recipes. Players that want to expand his wares should begin hunting down BURG.L chips. Each chip you find and bring back to BURG.L will allow him to sell you more schematics and crafting recipes.

This guide is under construction and will be updated as more BURG.L chips are found.

BURG.L chip – Grasslands

The first BURG.L chip can be found right beside the robot when you first meet him in the oak lab. Enter the oak lab tree after blowing open the door with the mysterious machine and follow the path down. As you come across the raw science in the glass cone, you will need to solve the button puzzle by turning them all green. Use the lever to open the door which will let you find BURG.L. Behind him is the grasslands chip.

burgl chip grasslands grounded

Research unlocked:

  • SCA.B Scanner: Science (1000 RS): Upgrades SCA.B Scanner to detect nearby raw science
  • Multi-Story Bases (1000 RS): Unlocks stairs, floor, and triangle floor
  • Torch Upgrade (2000 RS): Longer-lasting torches
  • Fortified Bases (5000 RS): Sturdy wall, Palisade Gate, Windowed Sturdy Wall, and Palisade
  • Meat Shield (7000 RS): A perk that teaches you to believe in your body, increasing your maximum health

BURG.L chip – Anthill – Chipsleuth: Grave Robbery

Another BURG.L chip can be found in the western anthill, northwest of the baseball at the start of the game. This anthill is full of soldier ants, so you can either run past them or wear ant armor to stop them from attacking you. The anthill also contains bee armor and a SCA.B scheme. This chip is the reward for the BURG.L quest, Chipsleuth, Grave Robbery.

Look for the cavern with the hole in the ground. Drop down the hole to find the room that has the BURG.L chip.

As you enter the anthill, stick to the left-hand side, being sure to always take the left-hand path. You will come across some water, swim through it. As you come up, follow the path up to a room with a few ants in it – there is a hole in the ground. Drop down through the hole to find a room with nectar and hotdog bits, the BURG.L chip will be leaning up against the wall.

Research unlocked:

  • SCA.B Scanner: SCA.Bs (2000 RS): An upgrade for the SCA.B Scanner module that allows it to detect other nearby SCA.Bs that are not currently attached to a human host.
  • Eyepatch Upgrade (2500 RS): An upgrade for the eyepatch that allows it to reduce the stamina cost for attacks.
  • Fiber Bandage Efficiency (3000 RS): Refines the Fiber bandage recipe so it uses much less ingredients per bandage.
  • Canteen Upgrade (5000 RS): Upgrades the canteen recipe so it can hold more liquid.
  • Buff Lungs (7000 RS): A perk that teaches you how to work out your lungs to increase your max stamina.

BURG.L chip – Stained – Chipsleuth: Cold Blood

This BURG.L chip is at the fallen paint tin, south of the fallen branch in the southern area of the yard. The chip is stuck in the paint on the ground.

burgl chip stained grounded
burgl chip stained map grounded

Research unlocked:

  • Acorn Shovel Upgrade (3000 RS): An upgrade for the Acorn Shovel that allows it to be swung much faster.
  • Pebblet Foundation (2500 RS): Pebblet Foundation and Pebblet Ramp

How to give BURG.L chips

give burgl chips grounded
When you find a BURG.L chip, return to BURG.L and choose the option to give it to him.

When you do find a BURG.L chip, you will need to hand it over to BURG.L to reap the benefits. To do this, visit BURG.L in the oak lab and choose the option, “I found a BURG.L chip.” He will snatch it out of your hand and put it in his noggin. Now you can purchase new recipes from the Tech Chip Swap Shop!

Finding all the BURG.L chips in Grounded is going to take some work. However, players that want to improve their gear, upgrade their base, and take advantage of BURG.L’s wares, will want to take the time to track down these research chips. Be sure to look over the Shacknews Grounded page for more collectible guides and news.

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